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Think before writing

It is a centralized reservoir for information: a public library, a database of related information about a specific topic.

It’s really important for you to know what you are writing. If it’s in sync with the customer requirements or not. You need to be updated all the time whether it’s for customer’s need or about the knowledge level of yours.

Help customers help themselves

After scratching your heads and thinking deeply over a topic still can’t find any solution to the problem then knowledge-base is there to help you out regarding any product information or any other business information.

With the assistance of it, customers can help themselves by acquiring knowledge from rich Kb articles and this has reduced the volume of incoming tickets which throws a positive light on your help desk.

Maintenance of Kb articles

It’s quite obvious that every support rep has a knowledge base as one of its features but maintaining it is not an easy task to do. We never know what type of query raised up by the customer so always make sure that you have to provide them with the right insight, a sharp-minded solution.

“The perfection in writing only comes with great practice.“


The process of using help desk to manage all your conversations, all your support queries from e-mail address you integrated will be forwarded to it.

Reply through Mails

By configuring the mailbox ,it becomes easy to reply from the ticket system without login into the inbox .It saves time of the admin because they don’t have to visit their e-mail account every time ticket arrives due to mailbox feature.

Reverting back on time

By configuring the mailbox, it becomes too simple to interact with the customers who submits their requests by mail and not even a single support request left unanswered by the support staff. That implies smooth functioning of the entire service portal and good response time of the agents.

Make your customer a happy one

Delivering quality output to the customers with our quick response to their queries and providing them the solution what they actually want naturally reflects a smile on the customer’s face and to make them remember our exceptional services can be attained through this advanced feature.


Measuring growth and productivity, performance indices of support service

Performance Analysis

When we perform something, it's an obvious fact that performance results are associated with it and there is engrossment of anxiety whether we have come up with flying colours or not. That's all about in reports . It shows steep fall of the parameters of ticket properties like priority type, the number of customers and agents responses. How many tickets do the agents solve today? Why there is a drop in the resolution time over the past few months and more.

Satisfaction level of customers

The key role for the UVdesk is to provide valuable information to the customers and helping them in resolving queries within fastest possible time. If customers are raising too many issues naturally they are not satisfied with what we have provided to them. Let's make our customers delighted by our handling tactics of resolving issues and they go with query less mind with every single thing in their mind sorted. Late resolving of tickets can also be a factor for customer's unhappy mood. What we have to do is to get into the depth whether it's a fault of the customer or an agent. Then accordingly the problem will be fixed. As delivering qualitative services incorporates business relationships.

Best role performers

You can judge who are the star performers based on the metrics of resolving efficiency and from that it becomes easy to judge their pros and cons. You can also filter the agents based on various ticket properties. For instance, you can easily check which agents are handling highest priority tickets and you can also find out by that metric who are the best agents of your help desk and you can also make sure that no agent is bundled with difficult tickets.


It is triggering of some event when one action has been fired. It comprises of two parts namely automatic and manual.

Time-saving feature for multi-task performance

The purpose of creating automated business rules is that agents will no longer to do these repetitive steps manually.

When you become tired of performing the same set of activities for the tickets excluding ticket’s priority and all you wanted is to do things with a single click then automation is required which saves the time of the agents and they will concentrate on other work that truly matters rather than re-inventing same replies.

Automating with a personal touch

In spite of giving the feel of robotics in your replies to the customers just try to empower your content with the sensation of being a natural one. That will connect with the customers more rather than pre-formatted text.


You can brand your help desk with the name of your organization, use your own favicon and completely redo the way your portal looks without taking too much time. The complete transformation to match up with the brand .It comprises of two ends -admin end(back end) and front end . Whatever changes that have been done by admin from their side will automatically reflect on the front end side.

Baked fresh for you

It’s your first chance to overwhelm the customer with your creative choices for the help desk which lies within the appearance of the support portal as the first impression is the last impression. It totally depends upon you whether you want to serve them a thrilling experience or a simple vanilla experience as everything works on face value.

Brush your portal with a tint of colors

Customization has become increasingly significant to brand development in the past few decades. All we have to do is just fill the help desk with the pop of colors and creativity and remove monotony from the help desk, to do something unique and maintaining versatility. A soothing colour selection can delight the customer instead of using dull and gloomy colors.

Flexibility of making changes with one click access

You can brand your help desk with the name of your organization, use your own favicon, use of strong meta keywords and description and completely redo the way your portal looks without taking too much time. The complete transformation to match up with the brand acquires customization.

Form Builder

Secure from all internet based security threats & provide multiple custom form building options.

Need Form Builder

Many sites like eCommerce, Blogging, Educational sites, Law Firm Sites uses form application ( like Contact Us) for clearing the doubts of the users. Now, these platforms offer email integrated into the back-end by which the admin can manage the reply of the users. The website owner can also link your “Contact Us” form with their Email id so that they can get the queries of the customer over their mail inbox. You may get 500 – 1000 customer queries daily and it will be difficult for the site owner to reply 500 queries daily and there might be chances that he misses any query. So, overcome this difficulty, we need Form Builder App.

Unlimited forms from one app

You can make use of Form Builder App which is safe and a new ticket is created when any users submit the form. In this way, a separate ticket would be created which will look standard and its management will be easy. You can reply to the queries via the ticket and the customer will get the reply on their email address only. If the customer has any other doubt, they can ask from the mail only and the query will get updated on the ticket system automatically. By the help of Form Builder App, you can create multiple forms for your website for different purposes like you can create one form for the feedback, another form for any other services as per the requirement.

Your security is our responsibility

If we talk about the long run, then Form Builder App is best for your website ( irrespective of any platform).The form provided by the Form Builder App by UVdesk is safe, secure and it follows the Standard Code Pattern. There would be no SQL Injection in your website and the data would be protected always.

Disqus Engage

Engage your customers into your Knowledgebase Articles.


The Disqus Engage App allows companies to power their Knowledgebase with Disqus Engage, the world's most popular comment system, and help grow their audience. It makes communities easier for publishers to manage, and readers love using it.

How you can be benefited by Disqus Engage

After adding Disqus Engage to your helpdesk, whenever one of your Knowledgebase Articles is first viewed, a discussion is created for that article. Once a discussion has been created, it enables the Disqus Audience to take part in these discussions which in turn grows your community. You can moderate and manage your community from your Disqus Admin Panel thereafter.

UVdesk gives a total control over things and easier to manage customer queries and deliver seamless support.

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