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Magento 2 Help Desk integrates UVdesk help-desk extension with your Magento.

This is an amazing module which integrates UVdesk Helpdesk Ticket System with Magento 2. It allows a registered user to create a ticket regarding its query. The admin and its assigned agents can manage all the tickets either from the Magento back-end or from the UVdesk Dashboard.

Features of UVdesk Help Desk Ticket System

  • Integrate Uvdesk Helpdesk System with Magento 2 Store.
  • The admin can enable or disable this module from the back-end.
  • This module integrates UVdesk Helpdesk System with Magento Store.
  • Only registered users are allowed to create a ticket from the front-end.
  • Ticket reply to the customer can be sent either from Magento back-end or UVdesk Dashboard.
  • The filter option can be used to search any specific ticket using various properties.
  • A detailed information about the ticket is displayed using different labels and statuses.
  • The admin and its assigned has an option to attach any supported file in its reply message.
  • All the tickets can be managed either from Magento back-end or UVdesk Dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Magento support ticket extension?

    Magento 2 support ticket extension is a kind of help desk solution from where customers can raise tickets regarding their issues from Magento dashboard and you can assign the tickets to the dedicated agents. You can integrate UVdesk help desk with Magento 2 and solve your customer queries proactively.

  2. How to create help desk form in Magento 2?

    If you are using any standard paid plans of UVdesk Help Desk you can use the form builder app to create secure forms on Magento 2. Later on, you can embed that form using JS and iframe code and accept customer query from your Magento Store.

  3. How can admin check tickets from their Magento 2 store admin panel?

    When you install UVdesk Help Desk with Magento 2, admin can check the tickets directly on the admin panel of the store. It means they do not have to leave their store and go to UVdesk dashboard to check tickets and perform actions.

    From their store admin panel, they can assign tickets to the agent’s, filter tickets by group or team and check tickets by status.

  4. How can customer check their tickets on the Magento account?

    Customers can log in to their Magento account and go to UVdesk ticket option to check tickets on the UVdesk customer dashboard. From there, customers can also create a ticket and follow up on the tickets that have been created by them.

  5. Which help desk extension I can use to provide better customer support on Magento 2?

    UVdesk helpdesk is one of the premium customer support extension for Magento 2 to provide customer support. You can create workflows and assign tickets to the dedicated agent. Apart from that you can create customised email templates, SLA rules and integrate 50+ apps.

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