Ticket Category

These are the ticket types which help in distinguishing the ticket according to the different kinds of problems.

It has many benefits like helping in the management of problems process, enabling proper escalation routing of tickets, reduction of support cost.

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Google reCAPTCHA

We also ensure that the tickets created by your customers are genuine and correct. It uses Google reCAPTCHA which will protect your support system from spam and abuse.

Google reCAPTCHA on ticket creation also ensures you are getting a genuine query from the user and removes out the spam information that might club your ticket list.


Custom Ticket Fields

Create custom fields for the tickets to have the better understanding of the issue. You can now create various custom ticket fields which the user will fill at the time of ticket creation.

This will also help in the better resolution of problems. Creating Custom Fields gives you an option to collect extra information you want to collect from the customers to better resolve their issues.

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