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Shopify Help Desk Ticket System offers various ways to Merchant for providing prompt and reliable Customer Support. UVdesk allows the Merchants to connect Shopify HelpDesk with one UVdesk Account.

Use the most enhanced Shopify Help Desk Ticket System offer ticketing platform for your customers and raise the level of customer service using this help desk plugin.

Now you can easily integrate UVdesk Help Desk plugin with which you can let your buyers visiting your eCommerce store raise a ticket for their concern like a help desk system, and you can send them replies for the same and much more.

Features of Shopify Help Desk:

  • A very well managed and categorized helpdesk system for both Merchant and buyers.
  • Merchant and buyers can communicate directly.
  • Registered customers/buyers will be able to create Ticket.
  • Buyers can raise ticket related to any concern and admin can reply to those tickets.
  • Customers/buyers will be having their own Ticket Panel once they’re registered to your Store
  • Merchant will be able to manage all their customers enquires from both places Shopify Store Back Office and UVdesk Ticket View List.
  • The admin can view the history of tickets.
  • Both admin and buyers/customer get notified of the new query and new reply respectively.

Is it possible to Shopify helpdesk with single UVdesk Account?

Yes, to add Shopify helpdesk with Single UVdesk Account is possible now. Marchant can connect Shopify with UVdesk to collect all their customer inquiries at one place for the better handling.

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How can I put Help Desk Form in Shopify Website?

Create the From using UVdesk Form Builder App and then paste the Form’s embed code into your website’s HTML.

Coming all the queries with that Form will be converted into the UVdesk Ticket which will be visible on Shopify Ticket Dashboard and in UVdesk Ticket View also.

What is the payment procedure of Shopify Help Desk?

In case of Shopify Integration Merchant needs to pick one Store as primary to manage the Payment Procedure.

How to create Ticket Type for Shopify Help Desk?

A merchant needs to Add/Create Ticket Type in UVdesk backend and it will reflect on Shopify Help Desk when customer will Create Ticket. This will help Merchant in automating the Actions using Workflow.

How to create Group, Team, Agent and their privileges for Shopify Help Desk?

For the better Ticket Management Merchant needs to manage User Section to create Group, Team, Agents and set their Privileges based on their requirement to provide fast Customer Support.

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How to create/edit Email Template?

If you don’t find default Email Template suitable for your business requirement then you can Create or Edit from UVdesk Admin Panel and you can put placeholders to make your email template more personalized.

How to automate actions using Workflow?

Merachant can save the time by automating the actions using Workflow. Merchant/Admin can configure department specific rules that automatically sends an e-mail notification, assigns a task to users and update field values when matched with the defined execution criteria.

The main purpose behind building automated business rules is that agents will no longer to do these repetitive actions manually which surely reduces boredom amongst them and focus on other tasks that are having prime concerns.

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Shopify Help Desk – Installation & User Guide.