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WordPress Helpdesk Ticket System integrates the UVdesk Help Desk Plugin to your WordPress store.

Help Desk builds on the definition to serve the customers by creating a powerful ticket management platform that allows you to centralize all tickets with ticket status, priority, types and much more.

You can easily integrate this free WordPress Help Desk plugin and enrich your customer support system.

UVdesk WordPress Free Help Desk Ticket System Features

  • Integrate UVdesk Helpdesk System with your WordPress Website.
  • Admin can manage and reply to directly tickets from WordPress backend.
  • Customers can check and create tickets from UVdesk Customer Dashboard
  • Customers can reply to tickets from their WordPress store account on front-end.
  • Real-time synchronization between UVdesk Helpdesk System and WordPress tickets.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is support ticket system?

    A support ticket system is a kind of help desk ticketing solution that allows your customer to easily create ticket regarding their queries and get help from desired agents within a span of time.

    UVdesk Ticket Dashboard

    The ticketing system provides your customer with a ticket number for the query that has been generated and helps in future references.

  2. How to provide customer support from WordPress website?

    You can use UVdesk Help Desk plugin on your WordPress website and enrich your customer support experience. Using UVdesk, you can provide support through various mediums like social, app and marketplace integration.

    You can either integrate the free help desk plugin or use form builder and allow your customers to raise ticket regarding queries.

  3. Is UVdesk WordPress Help Desk plugin free to use?

    Yes, you can download and install UVdesk WordPress Help Desk Plugin for free. However, after installation, You need to choose the plan of UVdesk as per your requirements of using apps.

  4. How to create help desk form in WordPress website?

    If you have taken any standard paid plan of UVdesk Help Desk, you can use the Form Builder App to create secure forms and integrate into your WordPress website using the embed code.

    Form Builder App - UVdesk

    To get more details on creating help desk form, refer to the following the link: How to create Helpdesk contact form in WordPress?

  5. How can customer raise a support ticket from WordPress?

    You can either create a help desk form on your WordPress website contact us page and allow your customers to raise ticket using that form or if your customer is an UVdesk customer, he can open his UVdesk customer dashboard and raise ticket directly for your website.

    UVdesk Customer Dashboard

  6. How can I see customer support tickets on WordPress?

    You can use UVdesk Help Desk Plugin and integrate with your WordPress website. By this not only you can see converted tickets on UVdesk dashboard but also on your WordPress website on UVdesk ticket section and perform dedicated actions.

    UVdesk Admin Dashboard

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