Ticket Assignment

The owner can set up the UVdesk in such a way that a new ticket created by the customer is assigned to an agent or it can be assigned to any team, group or even to the owner only.

This is possible with the help of Workflow. These are specific guidelines that can automate the customer support process. You can set the action of assigning agent as per ticket and the required ticket will be assigned to that particular agent.

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Condition Based Workflow

The owner can select description, from the drop-down and then select the condition and based on the selected description and condition, enter any text, numeric value.

Like this, the owner can specify conditions for any event, based on which an action can be performed. The conditions are based on logical operators AND & OR. Based on the truthness of the condition, an action is performed.

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Event-based Workflow

When an event is triggered (for example, a ticket is created) then specific actions will be performed which will be based on the conditions created for particular events.

The set of events performed on helpdesk are based on the actions and conditions that are being set. Once the conditions are matched, an event took place on the system.

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