PCI DSS Compatibility

UVdesk follows PCI DSS to secure customer’s data It also provides every access details of these protected data to the owner.
The protected data would be in the encrypted form so it would be impossible for the hacker to access it anytime. When the customer will access the data then it will be encrypted and then again it will be in its encrypted form.
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White list

Sources identified under this section will not be filtered. This is useful in cases when the owner wants to restrict the users from certain sources, but at the same time would like to enable access to certain specific users from that source.
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Sources identified under this section will be rejected completely. If the owner provides an IP address, or domain name, users originating from the provided IP or domain name will be restricted from accessing your support system entirely.
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Single Sign On (SSO)/ Social Media Login App:

Single Sign On (SSO) allows the users to login into UVdesk Support Portal via their Social Media Platform. They can log in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Magento & Opencart Store.
It saves a lot of time of the users as they do not need to create an account separately to login into the UVdesk Portal. Users generally choose those methods which are effortless and less time consuming and Single Sign-On (SSO) of UVdesk is one of them.


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