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Updated 20 September 2017

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Helpdesk is used to provide support to the customer’s query about any service, products, etc. Any business ( online or offline) should have a helpdesk system for the better query management and quality support. We have one such SaaS-based customer support tool known as UVdesk Helpdesk which is developed to caters the need of the clients with its brilliant functionality.

In this article, I will throw some light on that the fact “Why supreme security is important for your helpdesk system?”.  Whenever you develop any system for providing support to the vast customer community, then the very first priority is their data security.  You have to keep confidential their data on your system so that no one can hack them.  What is the point of having a full-fledged helpdesk system with poor security?

Suppose you have a Helpdesk system and you are providing support to millions of customers. You have a reputation among your customers. Now somehow, a hacker hacks your helpdesk system and access all the vital information of your customers then it could damage your customer’s business and your reputation. The customer provided his vital details to you by having some trust and if your helpdesk security fails to stand up to that expectation then it is really bad for your business. So, before you go for any Helpdesk, along with its features do check about the security which it offers.

Nowadays, cyber attacks are very common and you should implement all the possible measures to protect the data of your customers and one most popular method is “validation”. You can put validation of few important fields in which the customer will enter their valuable data. So, what is the importance of the validation? Every time that customer access the validated data then a report would be generated or that activity would be listed in the system with time, date and other information.  Now, if in future any unknown user tries to access the validated data of the customer, then that activity would get recorded and the owner can see who accessed the data. This will help in protecting the customer’s data. There would be no SQL injection. Many programmers do not understand the complexity of the plugins and loopholes is created. Due to the loopholes, SQL Injection occurs and your site gets hacked. UVdesk is highly secure all the data comes from UVdesk server which is perfectly safe.

There is another type of injection called XSS attack ( Cross-Site Scripting Attack) it injects client-side scripts into web pages viewed by other users.  ( Source ).  It may be possible, that XSS attacker would inject infected codes in your site from any third party applications. Suppose you are using any customer support tool for your site and XSS attack occurs then it will access all sensitive data of the site. In the UVdesk Helpdesk, there would be no XSS attack as the UVdesk Helpdesk is developed on SAAS  and it is not vulnerable to cyber attack.

For example, if the customer enters his FTP Access of his website then by the help of PCI security, your FTP data would be secured. If the customer or the support staff wants to access those data from the ticket, then first they have to validate and then it would display the FTP access of the customer to the user who wants to access it. There will also be a record in the back-end of how many time, the secure data was accessed by the users on the ticket system.

Let us explain you with another example. Suppose you have a business in Financial Field and you provide support to your customers by the help of UVdesk Helpdesk. Now, there may be an issue in which a support staff would request the customer to provide their card or payment details. Now, we all know that providing your card or payment details is very crucial especially in this cyber attack era. So, by the PCI DSS link feature of UVdesk, the customer can protect the card & payment details by choosing the details which they want to protect. Now, each time the card & payment details are accessed, a record would be maintained in the back-end of the system to track the complete activity.

UVdesk Helpdesk now comes with PCI DSS link security compatibility by which your customer’s data would be safe.  The customers can be confident now about the safety of their data while putting in the UVdesk Tickets. In UVdesk Helpdesk, we follow PCI DSS to secure your data and you are completely free to choose which data you want to protect and we also provide every access details of these protected data to the admin along with securing the data. The protected data would be in the encrypted form so it would be impossible for the hacker to access it anytime. When the customer will access the data then it will be encrypted and then again it will be in its encrypted form.

So, you can see how UVdesk Helpdesk by the help of PCI security protects your valuable data from the hackers. So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up to UVdesk now and provide safe and supreme support to your customers. I hope this article was helpful to you. In the case of any doubt, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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