Improve your Knowledgebase Efficiency

Binaka is powerful floating product of uvdesk that provide quick support to your customer on your website which is integrated with knowledgebase.

Your helping buddy which can answer any query you ask related to UVdesk. Filter FAQs as per the alphabets and get instant insight. It can also turn into a ContactForm so that you can communicate and get your query solved.

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Quick Support

Search the answers of your query with the help of Binaka. This little app can prevert you from the frequent questions asked by the customers.

Easy Integration on any site

Integrate Binaka anywhere in your website. Make your website look attractive and provide instant and handy support.

Create Ticket Quickly

Binaka is capable of creating tickets using Form Builder App.

Binaka makes use of Form Builder App and you can customize the form as per your need.

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What is Binaka?

It will turn into a form for your query submission or turn into a knowledgebase for clearing your doubts. Install this wonderful app to check its features and advantage.

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