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Create Helpdesk Contact Form for ODOO Website

By- Nirupama Shree

By the use of Form Builder App by  UVdesk a new ticket is created when any users submit the form. In this way, a separate ticket would be created which will look standard and its management will be easy. You can reply to the queries via the ticket and the customer will get the reply…

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Working with CSV files in PHP/Symfony

By- Ankit Yadav

CSV files are widely used in data export, import. Here, I am going to describe how to work with CSV file(s) in PHP or Symfony. Blog also mentions the use of BOM in CSV files for interoperability in Excel. What are CSV files? According to Wikipedia,  comma-separated values (CSV) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text.…

Single Page Applications: The Frontier of User-Experience

By- akshay kumar

The web as a platform is constantly growing. Naturally, the complexity of applications built for the web is constantly on the rise as well. For years, we have gotten along just fine with building traditional web apps with full page reloads whenever making a transition from one page to another. But the web is more…

Testing with codeception

By- Shivani Kukreti

This article is part of a series on Testing with Codeception in general and How we start our Automation Testing with Codeception in PHP in particular: Part 1: What is Codeception? Part 2: How to install Codeception? Part 3: Get started with  Codeception? Here we’re discussing Codeception, what is Codeception and why we use Codeception…

MVC: A Fresh Insight Into Building Web Applications

By- akshay kumar

Christopher Alexander says, “Each pattern describes a problem which occurs over and over again in our environment, and then describes the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that you can use this solution a million times over, without ever doing it the same way twice”. As a software engineer, we…

backbone js

Backbone.js: Model Validation

By- Ankit Yadav

Backbone.js: Model Validation Validation data is an important part of any form or data. we should validate data on Client side i.e. browser as well as on Server side. While working on client side Backbone.js, we could use model validation in Backbone.js Model. This Blog gives insight into Model Validation in Backbone.js. You can visit backbone.js doc for…

translation in symfony

Translation in symfony

By- Ankit Yadav

Providing content in multiple languages is a necessity for a good web design. But implementing it can be hectic. Although There are tools like Google Translator,  Bing Translator. But most of the time, they are not relevant to our needs due to their limited customizability. So, we will opt for a better way by using Translation from,…

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UVdesk installation from Magento Marketplace

By- saurav pathak

Installation of UVdesk Ticket System Go to the Magento marketplace website on Magento Marketplace and search for UVdesk helpdesk extension on the search bar. You will be redirected to the catalog page showing UVdesk helpdesk extension or you can directly go to UVdesk Helpdesk Extension Create your account in the marketplace and place order to purchase the…

Human Resource Help-desk System

Human Resource Help-desk System

By- Vidushi Singh

Human Resource Help-desk System– Human Resource department is the backbone of an organization.The department of an organization that deals with hiring administration and training of staff.Human Resource Department plays the number of roles but we are taking one important role that is hiring. The key role of Human Resource Department is hiring and get a dedicated…

Cloud-based-or-SaaS-based Help desk

Which one is good SaaS Based Help-desk or Cloud Based Help-desk?

By- Vidushi Singh

SaaS-Software as a service is a software distribution model. With which third party provider anchor applications and construct them accessible to the customers throughout the internet. SaaS applications licensed on the subscription basis. The third party is responsible for anything related to their server like security maintenance and performance of the application on their server.…

Why Magento merchants should use Cloud based helpdesk

By- vipin sahu

There is a lot of debate about the same. As we are the largest suppliers of Magento1 and Magento2 plugins also offer the  SAAS based eCommerce helpdesk system Uvdesk. This question is very common. OR we can say “why Magento merchants should not use hosted plugins for helpdesk” I will try to Explain step by…

How Jibosky offer superb customer support using UVdesk

By- Nirupama Shree

Jibosky is an online shopping site in Nigeria which was opened to bridge the gap between quality and price. Jibosky started operations as a merchant on several eCommerce platforms and was able to offer the very best prices for its quality products amidst competition. You just name and fashion items including nice tops, shorts, blouses,…

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