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Updated 29 June 2023

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UVdesk Flutter Mobile App is a perfect solution for the open-source helpdesk. This app provides ticket management features in an easy way.

The UVdesk Helpdesk Mobile App is your ultimate solution for efficient and seamless customer support.

With the UVdesk’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can now provide exceptional customer service anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a customer service representative, or an IT professional, our mobile app is tailored to meet your needs and streamline your support processes.

The app will be synchronized in real time with the website. If any change in the ticket will reflect in the mobile view as well.

Features of UVdesk Mobile App

  • Easy management of the tickets.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Improved Responsiveness.
  • An open-source app that can customize as per business requirements.
  • It is a lightweight app based on Flutter, which is having a single code for both devices (Android and iOS).

Video Tutorial

Check the UVdesk mobile app flow in the below-attached video.

How to access the App?

In order to access the mobile app the admin needs to visit the GitHub of UVdesk and download the mobile app from repository of the UVdesk ticketing system.

After download the admin need to configure the downloaded code by using IDE of their choice (preferred IDE – Android Studio).

From here the admin can access the UVdesk mobile app: https://github.com/uvdesk/mobile_app

After the code is successfully imported, the admin needs to update the server_configuration.dart in order to use the UVdesk Mobile App with their helpdesk account.

After completing the configuration, the admin can generate and share the apk/ipa with the respective agents.

How Agent can access the UVdesk Mobile App?

The UVdesk Helpdesk Mobile App provides a user-friendly interface designed to streamline customer support operations. Here’s an overview of how the app may look and its key views:


Once registered the customer can log in to the app along with the registered mail id.


Agent Profile View

The profile view displays the agent’s personal information, including their name and email address as shown below.

Ticket List View

Whenever agents select a ticket from the list, they are taken to the ticket details view. Here agents can able to check the complete list of their tickets along with the subject, ticket type, and creation date.

Ticket Details View

This ticket view provides comprehensive information about the selected ticket, any previous conversations, ticket updates, and associated attachments. Agents can review the details, view internal notes, and respond to the customer’s query directly from this view.


Ticket Reply View

The agent can reply to the ticket by just simply clicking over the reply button and it will redirect to a new page from where the agent can able to write their message along with attachments and revert back to the client accordingly as shown below.

Ticket Status Update View

Within the ticket details view, agents can find an option to update the ticket status at the time of reverting over the ticket.

By selecting this option, a list of available status options will reflect, such as “Open,” “Resolved,” “Answered,” “Pending,” or any custom status categories implemented by your organization.

Ticket Activity

Agents can navigate to the ticket list view in the mobile app and can able to check the status of a particular ticket.

This view displays essential ticket information such as the agent name, ticket priority, ticket status, ticket type, ticket group, and ticket team, as shown below.


Customer Information View

The agent can also able to access customer information, as each ticket entry usually includes customer details such as the customer’s name, email address, or other contact information.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the common views and features that may be available in the UVdesk Helpdesk Mobile App.

The actual design and layout of the app may vary based on specific configurations and customization options implemented by UVdesk or your organization.

With seamless integration capabilities and comprehensive ticket management features, businesses can streamline their support workflows, improve collaboration, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us here support@uvdesk.com.

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