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OpenCart Help Desk Extension allows you to integrate the UVdesk help desk support ticket system with your OpenCart Store

Using this free customer support ticket system admin can manage all their tickets from Opencart store admin panel. Customers can also respond to tickets from the front-end of Opencart store.

UVdesk – OpenCart Free Help Desk Ticket System Features:

  • Integrate UVdesk Helpdesk System with OpenCart Store.
  • Admin can manage, reply and delete tickets from OpenCart Admin Dashboard.
  • Customers can reply to tickets from their Opencart store account on front-end.
  • Real-time synchronization between UVdesk Helpdesk System and Opencart Store tickets.
  • Admin can assign tickets to agents, check tickets by status and filter tickets based on Customer, Group, Team etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to provide customer service in OpenCart?

    You can use UVdesk Help Desk Extension on your OpenCart store and enhance your customer support experience. Using UVdesk, you can provide support through various mediums like social, app and marketplace integration.

    You can either integrate the free customer service module from Opencart Extensions or use form builder and allow your customers to raise ticket regarding queries.

  2. Which customer service plugin I can use in Opencart?

    UVdesk Helpdesk is one the Premium OpenCart Plugin that you can use to provide customer service.

    The customer can easily create tickets, you can assign the tickets to dedicated agents using workflows, create customised email templates and integrate more than 50+ apps comprising of social, marketplace, e-commerce etc.

  3. How can Admin check Support Tickets on OpenCart?

    UVdesk Help Desk integration with OpenCart open doors to directly check tickets on OpenCart Admin dashboard only without leaving your store.

    Now admin can directly check tickets coming on their UVdesk dashboard on OpenCart and perform dedicated actions.

  4. Can customers log-in UVdesk dashboard using OpenCart credentials?

    Yes, if you have your customer on OpenCart and if he wants to check ticket response, he can log in UVdesk Customer Dashboard and check his tickets.

    You can install OpenCart SSO App on UVdesk dashboard, by which customer will be getting login option using OpenCart on UVdesk Customer Login process.

  5. How can customer check tickets replied by the agents?

    There are two ways by which customer can check tickets. Whenever tickets are replied by the agents, it is automatically sent to customer email ID used for creating the ticket. Also, since there is real-time synchronization going on, the tickets are also available on UVdesk Customer Dashboard.