Email Piping

We care a lot about the customers and their comfort. Let your customers reply directly from their email panel rather than coming to Ticket Panel and replying.


Mail to Ticket ( Email Ticket )

No email will ever go unread with “Mail to Ticket” feature. It will convert your query coming on your support mail to the tickets automatically for the proper execution.


Bolting ( Locking) Ticket Thread

Boost the security level of the tickets by Locking ticket thread. Lock or unlock any particular ticket thread as per your need and protect the sensitive data.

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Delete ( Omit) Ticket Thread

Omit any thread of any ticket as per the need with this “Delete” function. Helpful in order to avoid queuing up of the unnecessary threads.

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Forwarding Tickets

Forward the ticket thread by mail to the required support staff and reduce the resolution time. Also by the “blind carbon copy” and “carbon copy”, inform the authorities about the things related to the support through the ticket.

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Secret Notes

Now add private notes for your fellow agents in the ticket regarding any topic like update, follow up, etc.

Secret notes are always hidden from the customers so your support staff can add notes for their ease and make the support fast.


Saved Responses

Save support staff’s time by creating some pre-defined reply templates to the common queries which will help the agent to answer the question within a single click.

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Ticket Priority

Mark your tickets as “Urgent”, “Medium”, “Low” as per the situation and make the ticket resolution process smooth.

The agents can provide attention to tickets based on the priorities and delivering a smart solution.


Ticket Status

Define the state of the tickets based on the current scenario. It will never allow your agent to miss any single ticket.

Follow up the pending tickets, Spam the dummy tickets, Resolve the completed tickets and make the ticket management easy.


Multiple Ticket View

Multiple Support agents can view a single ticket for the discussion, validation purpose.

The agents can also see the other members who are viewing the same ticket with them.


Ticket Tags

Tag helps to label any ticket with specific words making it easier to search any ticket from a chunk of ticket list as it has been tagged.

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Agent Privileges

Assign Scopes, Roles to your Support Staff. You can restrict which part of the helpdesk, the agents have the authority to see and what actions they can perform which can be set under agent privileges.

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Support Staff or Agents Creation

Add your own Support Staffs or Agents and assign them Privileges, Groups, and select the Ticket View for them.

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Groups Creation

Classify your tickets into various Groups for the better ticket management and speedy resolution of issues.

By configuring groups, multiple support agents can be managed by classifying them into individual groups and the agent can track them easily.

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Team Creation

Arrange your tickets & support staff in Teams for the better ticket management, search process and speedy resolution of issues.

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Image viewer via Image Gallery

Now, upload the images in any format in the ticket for the better understanding who is on the other end. Image can be upload in the form of URL, change the size of the upload image as per the frame and align it on the left, right or middle.


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