Mailbox feature allows e-mails which are sent to any specific e-mail address to be automatically imported to the support ticket system as a ticket.

Now, the owner or the agent can work on that ticket and resolve the issue of the customer. They don’t have to everytime open their e-mail client to check for business email and reply them as it can be directly done from their helpdesk admin dashboard.

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Generate the support tickets automatically from your own sites. Create your own forms by Form Builder App and integrate it anywhere in your site. The customers can also login to your Customer Portal and create a ticket.

A website is the very first point of support that every customer seeks to get help. By integrating helpdesk form on your website, you can easily get customer query as tickets and reply to them.



The comments of the users within the post of the company or individual post of the visitors will be converted into tickets and automatically forwarded to the ticket system of the company.

In this way, you’ll never miss out a single conversation or requests of the clients. Moreover, the reply that you put on the tickets will also be added as a reply to the comments on the Facebook post. This creates an interactive communication platform between you and your customers.

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All the tweets of the customers will be forwarded to your ticket system and you can reply from there only without the need to login to the Twitter account. You can add multiple Twitter Accounts as per your requirement.

By connecting twitter accounts with UVdesk, you don’t need to visit your Twitter account again to check and reply to tweets. As the tweet is directly converted to the ticket, you can reply from the dashboard itself and the comment will be added to the tweet.

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Amazon Seller Central

Amazon seller central messages will be converted into Tickets at UVdesk and your agents can reply them with the best solution.

Connecting Amazon marketplace with UVdesk opens the new door for you to provide support to Amazon customers. Since the messages are directly converted to tickets, you never need to go to your Amazon Seller Central account and reply to the messages of the customer as it can be done by the dashboard itself.

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Your helping buddy which can answer any query you ask related to UVdesk. Filter FAQs as per the alphabets and get instant insight. It can also turn into a Contact Form so that you can communicate and get your query solved.

You can connect knowledgebase with Binaka to help your customers with relevant articles that are on your helpdesk system, alternatively, if they are not able to find the solution, Binaka will present a contact form from where they can easily create tickets regarding their query.

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