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UVdesk - SLA

15 Dec 2017

A service-level agreement (SLA) is defined as an official commitment that prevails between a service provider and a client.

Set your own SLA. It's a powerful tool to simplify the communication and commitment between a service provider and a client.


UVdesk - Notes on Customer

15 Dec 2017

Notes on customer can contains common information about Customer which will be visible on all Tickets of that Customer to all Agents.

This App can help you in providing Smart Support to customer. It is effective way to keep Customers information instead of asking customer same information for every Ticket.

UVdesk - Customer Previous Ticket Listing App

15 Dec 2017

No more leaving the current ticket view just to check customer previous tickets.  Just install Customer Previous Ticket Listing app and then you will find the icon of this app on top of every ticket view.

On clicking this app icon, the support staff or the agent can see the list of existing tickets of any clients without leaving the current ticket view or opening any new browser tab.

UVdesk - Relevant Articles App

15 Dec 2017

In Relevant Articles App, the support staff can search the Knowledgebase articles on the ticket view and also can enter the URL with the hyperlink of the searched article on the ticket editor directly.

No need to leave the ticket view page and search the article. The support staff or the agent can save their important time on the customer’s query and solve them.

UVdesk - OneDrive

15 Dec 2017

OneDrive offers users a simple way to store, sync and share all kinds of files, with other people and devices on the Web.

OneDrive integration with UVdesk is a new notion and trouble-free to set, then you will be able to keep or share files that too without size limitation.

UVdesk - Google Drive

15 Dec 2017

Google Drive integration with UVdesk is a new inkling and pretty much easy to set and then you will be able to store share and synchronize file with no size limitation feature.

With the help of Google Drive, customer support will be admirable. Now file with no size limit feature can be shared, synchronized or stored in the cloud.

UVdesk - DropBox

15 Dec 2017

For providing ultimate customer support you will need to share files and attachments. After setting up DropBox App, You can easily attach files from DropBox in your tickets and replies.

UVdesk - Box

15 Dec 2017

Box allows you to create and edit new or existing files, save them to your Box account, and share them with others.Integrate Box with UVdesk & attach Box file to share.

UVdesk - Google Translate

15 Dec 2017

Language should not be a barrier and so we have come up with Google Translate App.

Translate full page into any language using UVdesk Google Translate.

UVdesk - Translate Content

15 Dec 2017

Now translate your ticket reply or the Knowledgebase Article on the editor itself. Just enter the content in your desired language and then select the language in which you want to translate the ticket reply or the Knowledgebase Article and it will be done.

UVdesk - Amazon Seller Central Messaging

15 Dec 2017

Now you can easily manage customers’ inquiries from your Amazon Seller Accounts by the help of Amazon Seller central Messaging App.

This app will convert the messages of the customers into the Tickets at UVdesk and you or your support staff can reply to the customer's queries directly from the UVdesk.

UVdesk - Mercadolibre Messaging

15 Dec 2017

Convert the customer's messages, doubts, the inquiry into the UVdesk tickets automatically with the help of MercadoLibre Messaging App.

UVdesk - eBay Messages

15 Dec 2017

The integration of eBay with UVdesk will help in getting vital order related details of the customers for the better support. It will create a transparency among the support staff and they can distinguish the genuine customers.

Depending on your settings, the eBay integration will also create tickets for any important platform messages that you'll receive on eBay as an eBay Seller, such as Order Feedbacks, AskSellerQuestions, Member-to-Member Messages, etc...

UVdesk - Email Delivery Status for Mails to Customer

15 Dec 2017

Keep an eagle eye on customer support and Make it matchless. Get the exact update about email delivery to Customer with the help of Email Delivery Status.

UVdesk - Progressive Web App (PWA)

15 Dec 2017

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a term used to denote web applications that use the latest web technologies.With the latest upgrade to PWA, now you can use UVdesk seamlessly on your smartphone like a native mobile app with features like offline syncing, mobile view UI, faster page load and addition to the home screen.

Ticket Creation For Disqus

15 Dec 2017

Convert the discussion of Disqus into ticket for the efficient handling.

Magento 1 SSO

15 Dec 2017

Enable customer login through your Online Store built on top of Magento 1 SSO

Better Reporting and Insights

18 Dec 2017

Keep a track record of all your agents and improve their performances. Check the ratings of your agents, performance graphs with report functionality.

Ticket creation for eBay messaging

28 Dec 2017

Remove unwanted or fake query by the Order Validation Process where you can fetch the order related data and messages on the support ticket and provide attention to the deserving customers.

Convert Facebook messages into the UVdesk ticket

23 Feb 2018

Now you can convert your Facebook messages into the UVdesk ticket.

UVDesk- CS-Cart Free Helpdesk Ticket System

23 Feb 2018

CS-Cart Help Desk integrates UVdesk system with your CS-Cart store and allows your customer to raise the ticket for their concern.

UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk

13 Aug 2018

Complete helpdesk for Shopify merchants to manage all the support process from store's admin panel.

Form Builder App

13 Aug 2018

Now create secure Forms to use anywhere, with updated terms & condition as per EU regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

UVdesk - Follow Ups

18 Nov 2019

Customer Follow Up in UVdesk is made simpler by allowing you get notifications for pending response.

UVdesk - Agent Activity

18 Nov 2019

Helpdesk is providing you a way to track live Activity Reports Related To Agents, Tickets & Customers. Examine agents performance on UVdesk using reports and productivity section.

Follow up Timer -icons on ticket list

15 Feb 2021

Follow Up timer icon feature will send the pre-set automated reply to the customer as systematized by the owner or assigned agent.

Knowledgebase Article,category,folder structure update on admin

20 Mar 2021

Knowledgebase Article,category,folder structure update on admin so that provide a perfect explanation about the basic features to the customers and settle the doubt beforehand.

UVdesk - Customer note editor added

11 Apr 2021

Customer note can contain common information about Customer which will be visible on all Tickets of that Customer to all Agents.

UVdesk - Help scout import functionality updates

03 May 2021

Help Scout Data Import", you can import your existing data like Users, Customers, Mailboxes & Tickets from your Help Scout Helpdesk to UVdesk Helpdesk.

UVdesk -Ticket ID show at customer panel

22 Jun 2021

Ticket ID must be displayed at customer panel.

UVdesk - Customer rating

29 Jul 2021

Kudos is all about the ratings of an agent's profile whether they have got a good response or the bad one from the customers, this way customer ratings can be analyzed.

UVdesk - Marketing announcement

29 Jul 2021

UVDesk's marketing announcement brings exciting updates and promotions to engage customers and drive business growth.

UVdesk - Agent last reply on ticket list

29 Jul 2021

UVdesk – Agent Activity view to serve a better experience for your customers. At the ticketing system last reply hours is also displayed.

UVdesk - Knowledge Quick search added

29 Jul 2021

Knowledgebase in UVdesk allows you to build up the list of tutorials and frequently asked questions so your customers can help themselves.

UVdesk - Ticket reply source code icon

29 Jul 2021

The Tickets code icon allows the agents to view the assigned team, agents, customer name, status, source, priority, replies, type, etc.

UVdesk - Signature privilege

29 Jul 2021

Give default privilege or pre-created privilege to your Agent based on the roles and responsibilities, agents can also able to update or add signature in their profile section.

Pending reply ticket icons added

29 Jul 2021

Pending reply ticket icons added, boost your revenue with our Finest Customer Support Services which will make your customers amuse.

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