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JQuery updated

28 Jan 2021

The code is hosted and developed in the jQuery GitHub repository.

Article editor

15 Feb 2021

The support agents if they have a privilege can add and organize solution articles under the category and folders within the support portal so that your customers can quickly browse through them in their self-service portal.

Translation added for Multiple locale

18 Mar 2021

This will enhance and streamline customer support experience, as the customer will have access to translate their support page as well as the whole Knowledgebase/FAQ page into the desired language.

Security updates- Strong Password support

14 Apr 2021

Your data, our responsibility. We follow the top most standard procedure to make UVdesk safe from all unwanted threats. There is restrictions added i.e. need to specify the required length whenever fix out password.

Agent Last Reply Option in ticket list

02 May 2021

UVdesk – Agent Activity view to serve a better experience for your customers. At the ticketing system last reply hours is also displayed.

RECAPTCHA settings

28 Jul 2021

The RECAPTCHA settings in UVdesk ensure enhanced security by verifying human users and preventing spam.

UVDesk Current Version visibility on Dashboard

28 Jul 2021

The UVDesk dashboard prominently displays the current version, keeping users informed about the software's latest release.

UVDesk Opensource- Amazon order fetch app

28 Jul 2021

Amazon Order Fetch App bridges the gap between your Amazon Marketplace and the Customer Support Service of your Amazon Customers.

UVDesk Opensource- Prestashop order fetch app

28 Jul 2021

PrestaShop Order Fetch Module integrates Open Source Help Desk – UVdesk with your PrestaShop store to allow you to verify order-related details.

UVDesk Opensource- Shopify order fetch app

28 Jul 2021

Shopify Order Fetch App build a connection between UVdesk and Shopify Webstore to fetch the order related details on Ticket.

UVDesk Opensource- Magento 2order fetch app

28 Jul 2021

Magento 2 Order Fetch App get the details of any order number belonging to the Magento 2 Online Store on the ticket system to boost the support process.

Customer Previous Ticket Listing App

28 Jul 2021

The customer previous ticket app allows the user (agents) to view all the previous tickets created by the same customer.

UVDesk-Custom field App

28 Jul 2021

Custom field for UVdesk will help you to obtain additional information from the client at the time of ticket creation.

UVdesk -Form Builder App

28 Jul 2021

Form Builder App allows you to create secure forms in UVdesk and embed it anywhere on your website.

Documentation updates

29 Jul 2021

A fully-functional UVDesk Community Edition project skeleton packaged along with the bare essential utilities that you can use to develop your own custom helpdesk solutions.

Agent Activity

30 Jul 2021

Helpdesk is providing you a way to track live Activity Reports Related To Agents, Tickets & Customers.

Marketing Announcement

30 Jul 2021

UVDesk's marketing announcement brings exciting updates and promotions to engage customers and drive business growth.

Composer 2 Compatibility

30 Jul 2021

The UVdesk project is also compatible with composer 2 as well.

UVDesk Opensource- Cs-cart order fetch app

10 Jul 2023

CS-Cart order fetch module helps to validate the order details over support ticket to deliver flawless support directly from the CS-Cart store.

UVDesk Opensource- Opencart order fetch app

10 Jul 2023

This extension connects your Opencart online store with the UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk system to sync and validate orders.

UVDesk Opensource- Bigcommerce order fetch app

10 Jul 2023

This module allows you to validate order details such as order information, shipping information and payment information on support tickets.

UVDesk Opensource- Notes on Customer app

10 Jul 2023

This App can help you in offering Smart Help to clients. It is an effective way to keep customers' information instead of asking customers for the same information.

UVDesk Opensource- Todo app

10 Jul 2023

UVdesk Open Source ToDo List App allows the ticket handling agents to add a to-do tasks list to the tickets and can also mark them mark once it is done.

Uvdesk Opensource-Installation with Docker

10 Jul 2023

For the Uvdesk Opensource-Installation with Docker, here you can check:

Uvdesk Opensource-Installation with Vagrant

10 Jul 2023

For the Uvdesk Opensource-Installation with Vagrant, here you can check:

Uvdesk Opensource-Added API bundle

10 Jul 2023

The API bundle allows integration developers to utilize uvdesk's REST api to easily communicate with their community helpdesk system.

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