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UVdesk's Opensource mobile app allows agents to manage and respond to tickets directly from their mobile devices, streamlining ticket handling and enhancing their responsiveness.

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Features of UVdesk Opensource Mobile App

agent login view

Agent Login View

The agent login page will appear with the email and password options. The agents can sign in from here by entering their registered UVdesk email address and password.

Agent Profile Section

The agent will redirect to the profile page of the UVdesk Opensource mobile app. Here, the profile picture will be visible with the email address. Moreover, the agents can log out from their profile by clicking on the Logout button. By clicking on the logout button the user will navigate to the sign-in page again.

agent profile section
ticket view list

Ticket List View

The ticket list view will contain a list of all the UVdesk tickets that have been assigned to agents. The support agents can also search for any specific ticket from the search bar present in the top-right corner. The tickets will display with their priority, favourites and the source channel symbol from the tickets have been created.

Ticket Page View

The ticket page view will contain the subject, and body of the ticket query. Along with it, the agents can view the ticket priority and the file attachments. The sales agents will be redirected to the previous page from the back arrow present at the top left corner.

ticket page view
customer information

Customer Information

The sales agents will redirect to the customer information page view once click on the info button present on the ticket page. The customer information page has the profile image, customer name, email address, timestamp, total number of replies, and source channel name.

Ticket Activity

In the ticket activity section, the sales agent can view the ticket activity such as agent name, the priority of the ticket, ticket status; open or closed, ticket type, ticket group, and the team to which the ticket is assigned.

ticket activity
ticket response view

Ticket Response Page

Ticket responses will be sent through the reply button. The sales agent can write the response in the reply body, and add attachments and links to its reply. Furthermore, the agents can update the ticket status from here. The ticket status can be changed to submit, submit and open, submit and pending, submit and answered, submit and resolved, submit and closed, submit and spam.

Customer's reviews

The best free, open-source helpdesk software you can find.

This software is perfect for our needs! Beautiful interface, good amount of features and customization (especially with email templates).Not to mention, the *free* support got on the forums was just amazing. I can't believe this free, open-source software has dedicated forum members eager to help you out with your issues. After setting everything up, it works perfectly!


Seth Weber

Network And System Administrator At Clarion Forest

Amazing helpdesk system with…

Amazing helpdesk system with multi-language feature very fast, light, safe, complete features and very well-structured and finally you will get real time support.


Hassane Dabai

IT Consultant | Digital Transformation Leader | Data Scientist

Awesome support

Awesome support! Tailored to my needs and the solution was provided in a timley manner


Agron Ferizi

DevOps | ICT/Cybersecurity

Thumbs up for the UVDesk Team!

Just finished the installation of the community-skeleton. Got trouble at the beginning but the UVDesk Team responded to it quickly. Need to do more tweaks but I already love it.UVDesk is simple, user-friendly and very functional.


Benison Sandoval

IT Professional

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Seth Weber
Hassane Dabai
Agron Ferizi
Benison Sandoval
Experience Full Support Service

Experience Full Support Service

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