Open Source Features

Features which are crafted to meet your requirements for a perfect online customer support.


Customize your helpdesk by giving meaning to a specific organization, company, product, or service by creating and shaping through Branding.

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Flexible for Modification

Creating enterprise-level software is challenging, so we've created this open-source helpdesk on LAMP/LEMP stacks, ideal for dynamic web applications.

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Highly Customizable

It is created with the Symfony PHP framework to be highly customizable for the complex customer support requirements of any trade.

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Offer customers a concise self-service option by presenting them with up-to-date knowledgebase articles, reducing the need for inquiries.

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Convert incoming emails into service tickets and deliver quick support by pre-configuring multiple support email addresses in the UVdesk helpdesk.

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Mailbox Configuration

Set up your support email to automatically convert incoming emails into Opesource UVDesk Helpdesk Tickets for efficient oversight and improved customer support.

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Module Integration

UVdesk Open Source extends capabilities for developing modules and provides easy scalability, enhancing customer support reliability.

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Open Source

The standard code of the enterprise open-source helpdesk system is open for inspection, modification, and use as required.

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Saved Replies

Rather than writing the same response for every ticket from the same client, save time by creating a standard response that you can use to address any ticket from that customer.

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Ticket Formation

No more checking emails frequently. Get every email inquiries generated as a Ticket with UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk and instantly deliver better customer support experience.

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Ticket Management

Get all the queries generated as tickets,  hold, manage, and route the inquiries using smart tools to distribute work among teams for an instant and better customer support experience.

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Ticket Tags

A smart way to find out tickets again by tagging some bit information related to the ticket.This makes it easy to find any ticket in a tagged part of the ticket list.

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User Management

Easily scale and streamline your customer support with countless agents, teams, and groups.

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Save time by using pre-set workflows based on events and criteria to automate tasks. This also helps to avoid executing manual procedures at scheduled times.

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Enterprise Open Source Helpdesk

UVdesk Team is constantly serving to make customer support software feature rich and way flexible to make it a fit helpdesk for any trade. We wish you to join the community to make this Enterprise Helpdesk more featureful and fault free.

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