Logo & Banner

Upload your own Logo & Banner to make your support portal look ravishing. Upload logo and banner for providing your identity to your customers.

The owner or the agent ( if the privilege is granted) can set fresh and soothing colors of the background, links, links hover and article without any complexity involved, all in just a single click.

On the front-end, it will look genuine after the upload of the logo, banner.

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Custom Canonical Name

Now you can access your UVdesk account with a custom domain name with the help of Custom Canonical Name.

Set your Canonical Name and whenever your clients will go to the custom Canonical Domain Name, then they will be redirected to your main UVdesk domain Account.


Ticket Create Option & Login Required To Create Tickets

By Login Required To Create Tickets option, you can validate that no ticket is created for any guest user. The customer would have their account in your UVdesk Portal and then by login they can create tickets.

It helps in reducing spam tickets. By Ticket Create Option option on the front-end, you can allow your customers to create tickets. Without this option, the customer can create ticket after they sign-up or login into the UVdesk Portal.


Custom CSS

You can change the portal view by the help of custom CSS. Just upload the HTML document with your information and style and then design, format will be changed on the front-end as per the uploaded HTML document.

In the Custom Script, you can add Javascript and it will be displayed on the front-end which will he helpful in Google Analytics and you can track the web traffic.

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