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Magento 2 Order Fetch App obtains the order related details from the Magento 2 Website to the tickets and provides a better quality of support with efficiency.

How will it work?

You just have to connect your Magento 2 Webstore Channel with the UVdesk and then you are ready to fetch the order related information like payment method, product name, cost, shipping details on the tickets.

Display Order Details on the Ticket:

Get the details of any order number belonging to the Magento 2 Online Store on the ticket system to boost the support process.

Save the agents from fraud Queries:

This app will assist the support staff or the agent to differentiate between authentic and fake customer by fetching the order related details on the ticket and save the time of the staff.

Supports Numerous Channels:

Add multiple eCommerce Channels in the UVdesk as per the requirement and validate the details of the order number coming from your eCommerce Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the order details that are being fetched by Magento 2 Order Fetch App?

    When you search for any order using Order ID, you will get details like Order Placed and Closing Date, Payment information that includes Order Processing Method and Fulfillment Method, Shipping Address and Product Information which includes units purchased and cost.

    Magento 2 Order Fetch

  2. When I am trying to connect Magento Store on Magento 2 Order Fetch App, it shows “An unexpected error occurred while connecting with your webstore”. How can I remove that?

    The most plausible reason for this error is the Hostname provided by you. While entering your Magento Webstore URL in Hostname, most people tend to provide the URL which does not redirect to the frontend of the store or missed the backslash at the end.

    Magento 2 Order Configuration

    Provide the front-end URL with a backslash for the final URL in the hostname.

  3. What APIs do I need to select to fetch Order Details?

    You need to Select all the APIs which falls and Sales and Product Categories and save it.

    Magento Order Fetch API

  4. Is Magento 2 Order Fetch App a free module in UVdesk?

    If you have taken any standard paid plans of UVdesk, you can enjoy services of all the apps including Magento 2 Order Fetch App.

    Magento 2 Order Fetch App

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