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Amazon Order Fetch



By using Amazon Order Fetch – UVdesk Open Source module you can validate related order information such as order information, shipping information, and payment information on support tickets provided by the customer directly from your Amazon store. This module is helpful for those who want to extend the capability of the community helpdesk system either using this system as a merchant or developer.

Amazon Order Fetch App bridges the gap between your Amazon Marketplace and the Customer Support Service of your Amazon Customers. Confirm the order details fetching from Amazon Account on the ticket for the proper validation and avoid bogus queries.

Now, you can furnish close attention to each and every customer’s query coming from your Amazon Store and resolve customer’s issues quickly.

Important Note –

  • To use this module, you must install UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk first.
  • Magento 2 Order Fetch module is only supported by UVDesk version 1.0 or greater

Deliver Fast And Flawless Support

With this module reply master can resolve support queries faster by checking order information over the ticket.

Live Connection To Customer Order Data

Agents have real-time access to the product listing, shipping data, price, and other information agents need. 

 Escape Fraud Queries

Support staff or the agents can distinguish between the genuine and fraud customers by confirming order details.

Fetch Order Related Details On Ticket

The admin or support agent needs to select the Amazon channel and get the order details by entering the order id.

Highly Secure And Flexible

It’s built on Symfony and opensource and opensource tech stack which is already secured and customizable.

Deliver Seamless Support Through Single Dashboard

Add multiple eCommerce Channels with UVdesk and validate the details of the order number coming from your eCommerce Channel.

Click here- Installation & Configuration Guide