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Shopify Order Fetch Module



Shopify Order Fetch Module provides the bridge between Open Source Help Desk – UVdesk and Shopify webstore to speed up the support process and avoid fake queries.

Use the most enhanced Shopify order fetch module deliver an immediate response to your customers and raise the level of customer service using this order fetch module.

It helps the support staff or the agents to distinguish between the genuine and fraud customers and hence they can devote their time to the customers who really need their assistance on the ticket system.

Features of Shopify Order Fetch Module:

  • Highly secure and flexible.
  • Simple and easy integration.
  • All the order related information at one place.
  • Save Agent’s Time From Fraud Queries.
  • One can integrate multiple Shopify channels with UVdesk.
  • Fetch order relation details directly on tickets using the order id.
  • The support agent can rectify the support ticket is either fraud or genuine.
  • Confirm order details and priorities the support request to resolve the concern on time.
  • No need to visit Shopify webstore again and again to validate order details.
  • One can inspect the source code as per the requirement as it is available as Open Source.
  • Best for enterprise or SME business to deliver excellent customer service in less time.
  • Each agent has access to fetch the order details on the support ticket.
  • This module improves the overall support system with the efficiency of support staff.

Compact The Details In One Place:

Streamline the details of any order number of Shopify online store on the ticket system which will improve the support system and efficiency of the ticket.

Improve The Calibre Of The Agents:

This app will clear all the doubts related to the order number provided by the client and help the agent offer better support to the customer.

Supports Numerous Channels:

Add multiple eCommerce Channels in the UVdesk as per the requirement and validate the details of the order number coming from your eCommerce Channel.

Why Is The Need Of Open Source Shopify Order Fetch Module?

This module gets the order related details like Order IDdescriptionquantityTotal PriceUnit priceShipping, etc on the support ticket immediately for the support agent to confirm the Order Details and proceed with the needful resolution.

How to integrate Open Source Shopify Order Fetch Module?

Shopify Order Fetch Module integration is really easy with your Shopify Webstore. Just a few steps and then you are ready to fetch the order related details from your Shopify Store to Ticket System.

The account owner needs to do below configuration settings:

  • For this integration, the owner needs to enter the Shopify domain name.
  • Shopify API key required into the configuration.
  • Shopify API password needed during the configuration.

Is This Module Supports Multiple Shopify Stores?

In order to fetch order details belonging to order from multiple Shopify Store, you need to create channels for each store. For this, you need to create a  app in each store and connect with UVdesk.

Does This Module Fetch Customer Inquiry Came From Shopify Store?

This module only allows fetching order details from Shopify store directly. In case you are looking for Shopify helpdesk module for UVdesk Open Source raise a request on our ticket panel.

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