Why WhatsApp is Important for customer support?

Updated 4 May 2023

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WhatsApp is a messaging app used to communicate personally and professionally. It allows sending images, audio, videos, documents, and many more.

Approx 2 million users are active on the WhatsApp business app and are using the app to connect with their customers in a personal and professional manner.

Here are some reasons why WhatsApp is becoming a tool for customer support.

WhatsApp helps customers to provide support in various ways:

Increased Accessibility

One of the advantages of WhatsApp is that it can be accessible where the user has an internet connection over the world. That means customers can communicate with any business to receive the fastest reply at any time.

Customers can install WhatsApp on Android or iOS so that every customer can reach the app.

Personalized Communication

WhatsApp allows for personalized communication between businesses and customers.

The app enables businesses to add a personal touch to their communication, making it more personal and friendly. It increases the customer experience and trust.

Fast Response Time

WhatsApp provides an opportunity for businesses to respond to customers in real-time. It helps customers who want quick answers to their questions. Fast response times help businesses to keep their customers satisfied and prevent issues.


Using WhatsApp, customers do not have to pay much because it is a cost-effective solution for businesses. WhatsApp does not need any cost for businesses as only an internet connection is required.

There are other best free open-source helpdesks from which you can provide customer support.

Multimedia Support

WhatsApp businesses allow customers to send and receive images, videos, and audio files as multimedia messages. It helps customers to resolve issues and provide more information about the businesses.

Automated Responses

WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to set up automated responses to asked questions. It not only saves time for the customer support team. It also gives instant replies to customers even after business hours.

Easy Integration 

WhatsApp can integrate with other tools like CRM software and helpdesk systems. It helps in customer interaction to track and manage customer support easily.

Increased Satisfaction

WhatsApp helps to improve customer satisfaction by providing a fast and easy way for customers to connect with businesses. It helps to improve customer retention and increase customer loyalty.

Global Reach

WhatsApp is available all over the world, it is a tool for businesses with a global customer base. It allows businesses to connect with customers from around the world to improve customer support services and expand their reach.

Chatbot helps customer support through WhatsApp integration

A chatbot can be integrated through WhatsApp to receive order notifications. It uses machine learning and AI to boost customer engagement. Chatbot gives instant replies through AI, as used to interact faster and easier for customer support.

Chatbots have now become a part of our human lives. Today consumer demand better, faster, and more personalized interaction. Chatbots with WhatsApp programs react to queries with quick answers in seconds. 

Nowadays, we cannot imagine the customers’ expectations without chatting. The introduction of ChatGPT in customer support can revolutionize AI customer support. 

Other than chat in India WhatsApp have more features:

WhatsApp has launched more features in India and a wide of customers using these features which are:

  • WhatsApp Commerce
  • WhatsApp feed
  • WhatsApp Payment

Use of WhatsApp Commerce in Customer Support

In WhatsApp commerce, companies can sell their products and services to customers on WhatsApp Business App.

WhatsApp launched the Whatsapp business app, known as WhatsApp Business, available in January 2018. It made it possible for businesses to WhatsApp users to engage audiences, boost sales, and improve customer service.

It allows brands to take their order from users through their products catalog and explore the product and services. Customers can select the products to their cart to confirm the order and direct buy from the app.

WhatsApp Launches its cloud API for business use. WhatsApp Cloud API is simple to use and cost-effective compared to the On-premises API of WhatsApp. Due to that so many businesses can afford the development of their support solution on top of WhatsApp cloud API.

Start your Business with a WhatsApp feed

Using WhatsApp feed, you may feature your products from inside the app. You can include products, divide them into different groups, and provide them with information. So the customers can easily find the products they want.

How WhatsApp product catalog helps in customer support?

Previously, WhatsApp used to share images and videos to sell products to interested consumers. And it takes a lot of time and a slow response to start any business.

But the WhatsApp catalog is just like a mobile storefront to view their products in the app. It helps customers to add a product to the cart and can easily place an order. The five hundred products at most can add to the catalog.

WhatsApp makes it easy for customer support to start payments

WhatsApp Pay is a chat payment feature that allows users to make transactions through WhatsApp from their contact list.

WhatsApp makes it easy for customer support

This cannot only be used for communication and selling products but it is also used to send and receive money if customers have a bank account through UPI transactions.

It was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

Why Use WhatsApp Pay? 

  • You may send money to anyone on your contact list whenever you want, from any location. 
  • An internet connection and a registered bank account are required to complete your WhatsApp transaction.
  • It has an intuitive UI that enables money transfers as simple as sending a picture or video on WhatsApp.
  • Once the transfer finishes, the customer will receive a notification in a chat window.
  • This payment feature is accessible in chat and does not need you to install or add other extensions.


In conclusion, WhatsApp is becoming an increasingly important tool for customer support. And it is gaining popularity in customer support for eCommerce websites also.

And being an automated customer support channel it is easy to manage. Hence, it is easy to see why businesses are using the app for customer support.

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