Why customer support automation is vital for every e-commerce business?

Automation or automatic control is the use of various control system for operating equipment to meet the business requirement.

Customer support automation is the best way to deliver your customer but we can’t automate customer support totally.

Think you are running a business and now customers are increasing now they will be having the query regarding support, pre-sale,post-sale, refund and much more.

For this, you will be needing better customer help desk for supporting your customers.

For this, you will be needing better customer help desk for supporting your customers.For every e-commerce business, there is need to manage work from the side of the owner.

How to manage? How to differentiate? How to set priority? How to Categories? How to follow customer support? How to manage report?

Productivity– It includes tags, task, workflow, saved replies and ticket type for automating the ticket to assign right person for the reply.

Workflow -These are “business guidelines that can automate your customer support process”. Workflows constitute an event, condition, action.These are “business guidelines that can automate your customer support process”.

Workflows constitute an event, condition, act.You can configure department specific rules that automatically sends an e-mail notification, assigns a task to users and update field values when matched with the defined execution criteria.

The main reason behind creating automated business rules is that agents will no longer to do these repetitive steps manually which surely reduces boredom amongst them and focus on other tasks that are having prime concerns.

Workflow process

Auto-assignment– Automatically assign the task to the dedicated team for the better assistance/ support/ guidance.

Order fetching– Automated process to get order related details at one place without checking that order from particular mail id with the help of help desk.Order related details include order details, quantity, price, the name of payment method, shipment details.

Group/Team– Auto transfer the query to the respective group/team for which that particulate group has been set/performing.We can create group and team as per the requirement of business and can provide better assassinate/support to the customer.

Ticket-We can automate this all things like update ticket status, transfer ticket, the creation of the task, account activation of ticket, agent forget the password, customer forgets password account validation of customer, so that customer can get instant response related to the query.With the ticket type, owner/customer/staff can easily categorize the ticket.

Saved replies– We can add saved replies for an instant problem-solving customer. This will save the time of both customer and assigned buddy.

Task Management– Owner can manage the task as per the requirement of the business for providing better customer support.We can fully automate customer support because customers are the base of any business so we can’t underestimate their requirements and rights to connect the respective company.

Benefits of customer support automation-

  • Less time-consuming
  • Change as per the requirement of business
  • Task management
  • Support staff management
  • Order management
  • Ticket management
  • Reporting status
  • Customer’s follow-up
  • Customer support
  • Quality of service
  • Priorities task
  • Change as per the requirement of business
  • Affordable and best in price
  • Repetition of same work will stop
  • Build good reputation of business

So customer support automation is necessary for every e-commerce business to support the customer in a better manner.

Example – banks provided ATM, cash deposit machine, online banking, mobile apps for error less process and support customer same as it.We also can automate our business for making the things easy for the customer IVR process.

Automation customer support will consume less time and will be the cheap best process to support the customer. They can find out the suitable solution as per their requirement. This all features are also available in UVdesk

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