Passing data to DataProvider from Excel Sheet in TestNG

In TestNG DataProvider helps  us to send multiple sets of data  from our excel sheet to a test method. But  here we need to make sure that the data returned by data provider should match with the parameter which we provide in Test method.

I explained in Below example how to pass the data to Data providers by reading the data from Excel sheet. We will write a simple program in which we will Validate the product addition by taking details of products from Excel sheet.

Step 1: First create a method to read excel data and return string array.
Step 2: Create before class and after class methods which helps in getting the browser and closing them when done.
Step 3: Create a data provider which actually gets the values by reading our excel sheet.
Step 4: Create a Test which takes different parameters i.e Name, Description, Weight, price, Result .
Step 5: Add dataprovider name for @Test method to receive data from dataprovider.

Below i mentioned code for my HSSFWorkbook, HSSFSheet worksheet , file location initialization and keep in mind that If you use the common interfaces like Workbook, you code is  workable with both HSSF and XSSF

Below I mentioned program of Data provider which provide my data from excel sheet.

Data Set / Test Data Examples

The below is the excel sheet for “Add product in akeneo with Valid Data”

Why and How to use Data Set / Test Data in Program:

There are many cases where you may need to check calculation / percentage by adding more number of records. In such cases we have to use data set and pass different values.

We need to make sure to identify the number of fields in the function / page and define the number of columns. On the basis of these columns, data will be provided to input fields in the application.

Below I mentioned  program for akeneo product addition by getting data from excel sheet.

Below program for writeResult program in Excel sheet:

Here Passed Results in my excel sheet are:

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