Advanced Migration

Advanced Migration

OsTicket Data Import

The owner can import existing data like tickets, groups, teams, ticket-types, agents, customers, saves-replies from osTicket System to UVdesk Helpdesk System seamlessly. The owner can either select Full Database Import or Individual Resources Import for importing the data.

In Full Database Import, the owner can upload an XML file and then click on import for importing data. In Individual Resources Import, the owner can either select Customer, to import the customers by uploading the CSV or select Tickets, to import the tickets.

Freshdesk Data Import

The owner can import data from Freshdesk Helpdesk to UVdesk Helpdesk. The owner will upload the zip file which they will receive from the Freshdesk itself.

After uploading the zip, click on Import button. The data like Groups, Users, Tickets would get imported from Freshdesk to UVdesk.

Help Scout Data Import

The owner will enter the API Key generated from a Help Scout Administrator profile and then click on Import.

The data like Users, Customers, tickets, mailbox would get imported from Help Scout to UVdesk by the help of API Key.

Zendesk Data Import

The owner can import data like users ( customers, agents, and admin) and tickets from Zendesk Helpdesk to UVdesk Helpdesk System.

The owner will copy the API Token generated from Zendesk Administrator profile and enter on the UVdesk Panel along with the domain name, email ID to import data from Zendesk to UVdesk.

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