Instant Loading

Works faster in comparison to the website, instant loading of the page, no matter in which kind of network zone you are. Works without internet furthermore in poor-internet-connection also.

As the app shortcut is being created on your home screen, it looks and opens fast like a normal native application.

Work Offline

Works without internet furthermore in poor-internet-connection also. Reply to the ticket, create the ticket also view all the ticket related details in bad networking zone.


Push Notification

You will get the notification from UVdesk at every event occurred on the ticket. No chance to miss out any single query, it increases client communication competence.

For any incoming ticket, the notification will appear on your phone. You can click on the notification and see the new ticket.

Use as an App

To improve the interaction with the customer or support you can use UVdesk seamlessly on your smartphone alike a native Mobile App by adding UVdesk to your Home-Screen.

From any respective browser, you will get the option “Add to Home Screen”. Upon clicking that option, app shortcut is created and is added on the home screen.

Increase sale by better support

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