How to improve B2B Customer Support?

Updated 20 September 2017

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B2B is Future !!

B2B is spreading like a fire in the forest nowadays. People have an idea about B2B and its advantages and they are shifting towards B2B.

B2B involves bulk purchasing and the time consumed for the decision is more. Every second thing you see nearby is related to B2B.

According to Frost & Sullivan projects,  B2B e-commerce will hit $12 trillion in sales worldwide by 2020, up from $5.5 trillion in 2012.

Below image compares B2B buyer’s expectations that are driving the inflection point.

Another image depicts how Manufacture and Wholesale drives the growth-

So you can see how B2B will rule the market. As B2B is huge so its management part requires a lot of responsibility.

If you are running a market in B2B sector then one of the crucial factor for its success is “Customer Support“.

Importance of Customer Support in B2B

In your business, you will get all kind of customers. Some will be patient with you and some will ask for instant solution or followup.

Now, it is necessary to followup the customer who contacts you so that they can have the idea that their message is received by you and you are looking into it.

Once you have the solution, you can revert to that message or mail and the customer will get their reply.  For the efficient and timely response, you will also hire staff for the customer support.

But, there is always a fear that there might be the possibility that some of the associates does not reply properly to the customers and due to this nature, you might lose the sale and reputation.

How to enhance B2B Customer Support?

In the below section, I will be listing out few points which will help you in boosting the customer support of B2B-

Revert within the allotted time:

Getting the replies for your queries, issues on time is advantageous for any business. You can implement such kind of support system which can sends email notification to the support staff when any query is made.

After having the email notification, the support staff can check and revert to the query in the allotted time and making the customer happy.

You can also provide feature like “EMail Piping” by which your support staff can revert to the customer trough their mails without coming to the support portal.

Aware Users with Knowledgebase:

Knowledgebase or Frequently asked questions (FAQ) is amazing and helpful. It helps the users to clear their doubts by themselves.

You just have to list out the questions and its answer and then the user can come to your site or your support site and clear their doubts.

Report to Track Performance of agents:

Agent’s Report shows the downfall of each parameter based on various ticket properties like the priority, type, the number of agents and customers responses.

You can track how many tickets did agents solve today? Why there is a downfall in resolution time over the past few months and more.

By tracking the performance you can make sure that your customer gets only supreme quality of support.

Multi Channel Support:

Frustrated Customers try to contact the support from multiple channels like Social Media in the hope of getting their issues resolved or answered as soon as possible.

So, you have prepare a system so that you can get all the customer’s queries, doubts, complains on one platform raised from different channels.

This will help you to manage the customer efficiently and no mail will be dropped out. Provide amazing & timely support to your customers through all possible channels and create a happy and satisfied customer base.

Is there any Customer Support Tool to improve Customer Satisfaction?

Yes, you can check UVdesk Helpdesk Support System which offers ample of features to improve your customer service.

You can boost up your sales, never miss any mail of your customer and track the reports of your agent to improve the customer service experience.

I hope, you enjoyed this article. In case of any doubt about this feature, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com


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