How to make the customer service experience a thrilling one

Updated 23 March 2022

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The sole purpose of any service desk is to make the customers happy by providing them with the exact solution for their problems. The supportive pillars without them the entire portal is meaningless are the “agents”.

The helpdesk flourishes only due to the efforts of the support staff as to keep the support rep on the top level is not as that simple.

Working with the helpdesk demands all your focus on the customer’s problems. You have to put aside all unnecessary things from the mind and have to give your heart and soul while hearing the queries.

At any moment, an unhappy customer will share the bad service experience with the masses and give you negative publicity which is for sure a major threat to your business.

Research conducted by Americal Express in the year 2014 states that “customers tell more people about their bad customer service experiences than their good experiences”.

So, nurture the business relationship with them and develop the bond of love by your sense of caring for them.

The customers come with any sort of query, as an agent, you handle them and deliver the answer. Come on every service desk does this stereotypic function.

Just ask these questions to yourself and be true to yourself when you get the answer.

  • Have you done something distinct which helps you in grabbing the eyeballs of the customers?
  • Do you have anything else which makes you catch the eye of customers?
  • Will the service get any remembrance in the customer’s mind for a prolonged period?

Well, the answer is a big “No”. Now, what’s your next step for delivering excellent customer service which will remain in the heart of the customer forever?

So, here goes the list of the solutions to make the service a memorable one for the customers. Just have a look at them:


Be natural:

The agent while replying to the ticket doesn’t sound like a robot. The content has to look genuine and a sense of caring must be reflected in the text.

The automated text loses the essence of liveliness to which a customer finds it hard to connect.

So, while writing always try to use less amount of pre-formatted text in your message. The agent has to keep the feeling of being natural, not artificial in their replies.

Attentiveness while listening: 

The agents have to handle hundreds of calls on a daily basis. It makes them exhausted but doesn’t forget this fact that you are working for the support rep.

When the clients approach you through a medium of phone call then your voice need not sound so dull that the clients feel that you are not interested in listening to them.

All they wanted is your full focus on their problems.

Resolving queries at a rocket speed:

Without making the clients wait for your response, it’s better you revert back in time and fix the problem in no time.

In this way, clients will get impressed by your resolving efficiency and share their experience with more people.

About how fast the support rep solved their problems and the whole support staff works with full dedication and give them the solution at a speed comparable to that of light.

This kind of positive review for the portal is a good sign for the firm and its image.

Amiable interaction with the clients:

During interaction with the client, your tone must sound friendly to whom the customer may find easy to interact with as a stern voice loses the feeling of friendliness.

Try to use kind words like “Thank You”, “Please” whenever required as this is the best gesture of showing politeness in your communication.

Accepting mistakes with grace:

If the clients complain about the bad customer service or not explaining the features of the product properly which leads to chaos then it’s a high time you accept the fault without giving invalid reasons to them.

Just work on those issues and get it fixed quickly because customers want quality output from your side, not your bunch of excuses.

Make a follow-up call:

It’s a mandatory part to make a call to the valuable customers to know whether they have liked our company’s product and service or not. If not then what improvements we can make to remove flaws from it.

This makes the customers think that they have remembered us and ask our views on the product. You have given them the priority by asking for their feedback which will be liked by them.

By following the above tips, the customers will definitely remember your service for long.

He/She will share their service experience with the others which will give your support rep positive publicity. It helps in boosting the sales of your company’s products.

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