Tips to overcome frustration and irritation of the clients

Updated 29 June 2023

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No matter what dealing with frustrated customers is not an easy job to do. There is a fine line between patience and losing calm.

Dealing with customers with patience can work in favor of the agent in contrast to being impatient which equals digging your own grave.

Handling the queries of the users with smartness and when they exit a smile must be present on their faces that must be the ultimate goal of any support agent.

How the response has been made to the customers will decide whether they are satisfied with the solution or vowed not to footstep at our portal again.

Newton’s third law of motion says “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

So, it is completely predictable when someone speaks rudely then in return you will also fire back but while running a business you have to control your temper and tackle the situation in a placid and composed way.

Here are the few tips to handle critical situations with endurance:

Not to argue with the customers:


It’s too obvious that unhappy customers will express their anger, some people may stretch that too far. But as an agent, you have to maintain integrity and not argue back.

If the customers start abusing then let them know that you can understand their resentment and be being harsh is not the solution.

You are there to help them out in the best possible way but can’t do until they settle in peace.

Don’t take on a personal note:


Always remember that if an unhappy client ends up calling you and starts complaining about the services then don’t lose your cool, try your best to cope with the situation.

The client is not an evil who has the intention of annoying you to make your day the worst one.

All they wanted is your attention and wanted to make sure if anybody is listening to them if someone does care for their problems or not.

 Listening to the problems and preparing docs:

Preparing notes sound good. Make sure you have written each and everything that has been said by the users.

When the clients keep coming back at a certain point you will be able to help them easily due to the prepared record. Not to make them feel offended that they are at fault.

Make them feel delighted by phrasing “We will fix this issue as soon as possible”.

Diffusing an angry customer into a loyal one:

An angry customer is one of the most challenging facets of customer service. Instead of considering users as problems, they can be treated as an opportunity.

If you can successfully diffuse an angry customer and provide an apt solution to their complaint, it becomes so simple to mold that angry user into a loyal one for life.

Further, if you have any other concerns or queries then please mail us at support@webkul.com so that our team can assist you further.


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