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Updated 29 June 2023

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Helpdesk is a customer support platform serving customers with its productive and qualitative services. Any business ( online or offline) should have a standard help desk system for better query management and quality support.

There is a ticket system in the helpdesk where the customer and the support staff can communicate with each other. The customer can ask their doubt and at the same time, the support staff can reply on that ticket to clear the doubts of the customers.

Sometimes for a better understanding of the query, the support agent can ask for any kind of image or document, or PDF file depicting the query so that they can resolve it in a short span of time.

The customer also sometimes provides any file with their reply so that their query can be resolved at the earliest. Now, the file is linked with the ticket and the support agent has to download the file first, and then they have to open and check its content.

Well, this is quite a time to take and sometimes quite frustrating as well.

Even if the support staff attaches any file with the ticket reply to the customer then for the customer, it is time-consuming. First, the customer has to download the file in their local system and then open it and check its content.

For any successful helpdesk system, it is important to keep your customers calm and provide them with the easiest way to check the replies and files.

The more comfortable the customer gets, the more you gain.  So, it is really important to provide a smooth experience to your customers. And your support staff so that work can get done efficiently and without any hurdles.

UVdesk Helpdesk has implemented a new feature called “File Viewer“, in which the support staff and the customer can either view the document directly or they can download the document into their local system, and then they can view the document.

There are two ways in which you can view a file. Either you can click the “File Viewer icon” which is there in the top right-hand corner


or you can click the “Open in Files” link, which is present in ticket containing files. Clicking on either link will open a new window showing you the files present and from where you can download that.


The “File Viewer” feature is beneficial. Suppose the support staff has a lot of support tickets to check. And if all the tickets have any kind of document attached.

Then it would be a tedious process for the support staff to download. Check the document and then go back to the UVdesk System and reply.  With the “File Viewer”, the support staff can instantly view the document and prepare the reply and work efficiently.

The “File Viewer” is a small feature. It has a huge role to play for the support staff and the customers. It not only saves your precious time, but it also makes your helpdesk look standard.

With the advanced feature of “see and download” files.  I hope, you enjoyed this article about the “File Viewer” feature. In case of any doubt about this feature, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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  • xavierl
    can we add documents to the knowledge base and publish them with the file viewer
    • Vidushi Singh (Moderator)
      Hi Xavierl,

      Right at the moment adding the document into the knowledgebase to publish is not possible, but we can customize it for you.

      File Viewer App enables admin or assigned agent to view or download the document shared between customer and support staff at one place.

      Note: Customizations are chargeable and can be done for the paid users only.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.