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UVdesk Helpdesk has implemented a new feature called “File Viewer“, in which the support staff and the customer can either view the document directly or they can download the document into their local system and then they can view the document.

“File Viewer” feature is beneficial. Suppose the support staff has a lot of support tickets to check and if all the tickets have any kind of document attached then it would be a tedious process for the support staff to download, check the document and then go back to the UVdesk System and reply. With the “File Viewer”, the support staff can instantly view the document and prepare the reply and work efficiently.

The “File Viewer” is a small feature but it has a huge role to play for the support staff and the customers. It not only saves your precious time, but it also makes your helpdesk look standard with advanced feature of “see and download” files.

Click Here –Installation & Configuration Guide