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When the support staff has enormous tickets, then the support staff may miss an important point for any ticket which may be needed to resolve the issue or the support staff can also make a list of work which needs to be done on that ticket to fix the issue.  This way no important point will be missed and each and every part will be looked upon and fixed.

In UVdesk Helpdesk, there is an app called ToDo App which the support staff or the agents can install and then they can add a list of work/task which needs to be done on any ticket. That list will be only visible to the support staff only.

Click here- Installation & Configuration Guide

Your own checklist:

Prepare the list or notes on the particular ticket based on the work and never miss out any important point related to the ticket work. Delete the to-do list after the work completion.

Multiple Lists based on the need:

Create multiple lists on the ticket for the various scope of work so that all the factors can be covered.