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Amazon Order Fetch App bridges the gap between your Amazon Marketplace and Customer Support Service of your Amazon Customers. Confirm the order details fetching from Amazon Account on the ticket for the proper validation and avoid bogus queries.

Now, you can furnish close attention to each and every customer’s query coming from your Amazon Store and resolve customer’s issue quickly.

Amazon App integration is really easy. Just a few steps and then you are ready to fetch the order related from your Amazon marketplace to Ticket System.

It helps the support staff or the agents to distinguish between the genuine and fraud customers and hence they can devote their time to the customers who really need their assistance on the ticket system.

A bridge between two platforms:

The support staff or the agents can check the details of any order number from Amazon Online Store directly on the ticket system.

More Power to the Support Staff:

This app will give a better understanding of the customer’s request and their originality and it will help the support staff to serve the genuine customer in a better way.

Supports Numerous Channels:

Add multiple eCommerce Channels in the UVdesk as per the requirement and validate the details of the order number coming from your eCommerce Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get Amazon MWS Authorization Code?

You need to go to Amazon MWS Register Page of the respective country and then you need to navigate to Setting → User Permissions → Authorize a Developer.

Setting and User Permissions section:


Authorize a Developer:

Screenshot to Authorize New Developer 

After that, you need to enter Developer’s Name: Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd and 7859-8363-1665 as Developer Account Number


By agreeing to terms and conditions, on the next page you will see credentials.


2. Where do I need to enter the Seller ID on Amazon MWS Page?

You need to enter seller ID while configuring Amazon Order Fetch App along with Amazon MWS Credentials which you got in the first step.

3. What are order details fetched by Amazon Order Fetch App?

You get details like Order Placed and Closing Date, Payment information that includes Order Processing Method and Fulfillment Method, Shipping Address and Product Information which includes units purchased and cost.

Amazon Order Fetch

4. For which country I can configure Amazon Order Fetch App?

You can configure this Amazon Order Fetch App for the following countries as of now with UVdesk: Canda, Mexico, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdon, India, China, Japan

Amazon Helpdesk Available Countries


Click here- Installation & Configuration Guide