How can you use social media for better customer support?

Updated 10 January 2022

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Social media has emerged as one of the powerful tools which let you connect with millions across the globe. Today, every organization is eyeing to get connected and interact with more human prospects.

It’s time to stop doing one to one communication, rather get social. With the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram,  there is a hunger for companies to connect with more and more people, educate them and let them know about their online experiences.

Either you are running an e-commerce business or you are a service provider, most of the hot prospects which you might be receiving are coming from social platforms. If you are not there, then you are surely missing out the large chunk of your qualified customers. With a projected 25.0% annual growth over the next 5 years, it is definitely time to start investing in social media if you haven’t already.

Social media comprises 70% of the organic traffic to your websites. Here are best practices on how you can use social platforms to provide efficient customer support:

  • Choose the right platform:

    It’s not necessary that the one that is best for someone would also be beneficial for you. In order to choose the right platform, first, you should be sure of your target audience. If your audience is a professional group of people, it’s best to invest in LinkedIn. You can also ask your audience using a survey form to decide what’s best for you. Social Platform

  • Response rate is the key:

    Your audience will generally expect to get the faster response from you on these platforms. Facebook has included a feature of response rate, which can be seen on company’s page. A poor response rate can affect your publicity and will make your customer show their back on you. You can make use of the automated tools like UVdesk Helpdesk which provides social integrations like FacebookTwitter and UTube. Any comment on your social channel is converted into tickets and you can directly reply to that.

    Comment as ticket on UVdesk Reply on Facebook

  • Monitor your social tags:

    You need to continuously monitor your hashtag, post reach, channel views in order analyze your performance on social media. It does not mean you have to keep on watching your feeds, tools like Hootsuite, Social Mention, can do the task for you.

  • Time for automation:

    Implementing chatbots on social channels can reduce the burden of customer support from your agent and also increase your response rate. Chatbots are very effective in situations when anyone contacts you on your social channels outside office hours. Right kind of chatbots gives the impression of human-like interaction to customers which build the sense of belief and responsibility in minds of customers. You can use tools like Chatfuel to easily make your own chatbot from scratch and integrate with your facebook page.

  • Use of knowledge base:

    Creating a source of frequently asked questions can cut down the time on support tickets. Customers can search for any common query related to your system, and knowledge base will present the relevant article at that time which will solve the customer query and make them happy. UVdesk  provide tools like Knowledge Base where you put articles on common queries of customers. HelpDesk UVdesk Support

A better support will not only help build the better relationship but also give you more customers for one happy customer. This will help you in getting loyal customers and ultimately loyal customers are the ones on which business thrive.

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