eBay – Real-time customer support using Order validation

Updated 15 March 2022

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How does eBay work?

The work process on eBay is pretty much easy. Need few steps and formalities for selling product on eBay marketplace:

  • The thought came to mind to sell and if decided to sell on eBay
  • Then need to register on eBay and accept the terms and conditions of the site(Register with eBay, Verify eBay Account, Verify PayPal Account, Link your eBay and PayPal Accounts)
  • The next step is to list the item on eBay(Listing-A listing is an elucidation of the item which you are selling with your set of terms and conditions.)
  • Now customers visit your eBay store
  • Finds needed products from your store
  • Now, what next? Buyer accepts your terms and conditions and pays for the item selected
  • The buyer buys the item
  • The seller delivers the item to that particular buyer
  • Then both give feedback
  • On successful transactions, the seller pays commission to eBay

How does the eBay auction work?

Unlike Amazon’s fixed price model, eBay works on the auction system. An auction is a type of sale where the price is not set throughout the process of sale until it ends.

As a result, prices come as an element of surprise for both seller and bidder as one with the highest bid takes home, the sale.

  • Bidder can be any person or organization who is making a formal offer for something to get
  • Seller is the registered person on eBay who is responsible for selling goods and items

Creating a listing on eBay

  • Begin the listing process on eBay
  • Put category, title, photographs, and description for listing
  • Specify formate and pricing
  • Choose payment and shopping options
  • Promote your item for more selling

Provide instant customer support to the customers using order validation
UVdesk – eBay integration allows you to fetch order details and messages from eBay Marketplace to provide fast and swift customer support.

Why fetching order details and messages are important?

It’s not hidden that nowadays sellers are selling on multiple platforms. As a result, it becomes very difficult for them to recognize a genuine customer coming from the respective channel.

Order fetch module of UVdesk allows to get the information of the product, that the customer has purchased using just order ID in the respective channel, thus making the task of your support staff easy.

To garner customer’s queries under a roof for better, easier handling and filtration so as to offer accelerated resolution time and top-notch support by removing unwanted fake queries through Order Validation Process and assisting the deserving customers on the support ticket.

UVdesk formulates a bridge between support staff and eBay marketplace and once the successful configuration is confirmed the support staff can fetch order-related information and history by simply entering the order ID over the specified marketplace on the Uvdesk platform.

UVdesk makes the whole process easier and faster and also ensures that no lead remains unsolved by providing real-time customer support and authentication simultaneously under crow’s net.

eBay Order Integration:

The integration of eBay with UVdesk will help in getting vital order-related details of the customers for better support.

It will create transparency among the support staff so, they can distinguish the genuine customers.

With the help of this app, the agent can see details of the order from the eBay Marketplace on the ticket.

The order-related details will only be seen by the support staff only.

Order Feedbacks:

With Order Feedbacks enabled, tickets are generated for feedback that a buyer leaves on their order purchase. Order Feedbacks consists of three types of messages:


This is the original feedback message that a buyer provided for an order. This represents a customer message in your ticket.

Feedback Follow Up:

This is a follow-up message the original buyer might want to add to their original feedback. This represents a customer message in your ticket.

Feedback Response:

This is the response message the seller responds to the feedback with. This represents an agent/admin message in your ticket.

Any further agent/admin response to the feedback tickets won’t reflect on eBay. If order details are available for feedback, they will directly be integrated with the respective tickets.

Ask Seller questions

With Ask Seller Questions enabled, tickets generate for questions a buyer (or a potential buyer) asks a seller regarding a product.

Ask Seller Questions consists of two types of messages:

Seller Question:

This is the original/follow-up message that a buyer sends to a seller regarding a product. This represents a customer message in your ticket.

Seller Question Response:

This is the follow-up message that a seller sends to a buyer in response to their query.

This represents an agent/admin message in your ticket. If order details are available for Seller Questions, they will integrate with the respective tickets.

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Note: At present, we only support direct ticket conversion for Order Feedbacks and Ask Seller Questions, and will include support for additional platform messages in the near future.


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