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CoreCommerce Order Fetch App confirms the order details fetching from CoreCommerce Account on the ticket for the proper validation and avoid bogus queries.

Now, you can provide close attention to each and every customer’s query coming from your CoreCommerce Store and resolve their issue in the less amount of time.

Why do you need CoreCommerce App Integration?

The integration of CoreCommerce App is easy and takes less amount of time of the customer to integrate into their UVdesk Account.

Improve the efficiency of your support staff by displaying the order related details on the ticket system. It reduces the time spent by the support staff by fetching the order related details on the ticket system only. No need to leave ticket system to check the details.

Compact the details in one place:

Streamline the details of any order number of CoreCommerce Store on the ticket system which will improve the support system and efficiency of the ticket.

Improve the caliber of the agents:

This app will clear all the doubts related to the order number provided by the client and help the agent offer better support to the customer.

Supports Numerous Channels:

Add multiple eCommerce Channels in the UVdesk as per the requirement and validate the details of the order number coming from your eCommerce Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get XML key and Connection URL in CoreCommerce?

    You need to visit the Store API settings under All Settings on your CoreCommerce Admin Dashboard. From there, you can set the XML key and the Connection URL is displayed at the bottom. You can copy both parameters and use while configuring the app on UVdesk.

    CoreCommerce Credentials

  2. What order details can I see on the ticket system regarding CoreCommerce orders?

    You get details like Order Placed and Closing Date, Payment information that includes Order Processing Method and Fulfillment Method, Shipping Address and Product Information which includes units purchased and cost.

    CoreCommerce Order

  3. While entering the store name, do we have to give full URL or only the name of the store?

    In the store name, you only need to provide the store name that you have provided while registering on CoreCommerce. Make sure that name does not consist of the domain CoreCommerce.

    CoreCommerce Configuration

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