Importance of Multilingual Customer Service in Modern E-commerce

Updated 12 August 2021

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Multilingual Customer Service will be the logical point which will give you an edge over the cutthroat competition and the main focus of your e-commerce business should be the satisfaction of your customers.

And for that, the company is putting all their efforts to be available for the customers in every possible way. As we all know that customers usually prefer their regional language even if they know English.

Providing support to your customers in their native language will make them fearless to trust in your brand just because of the quality delivery of your products and services in their expected way, will uplift your business.

Drafting out few benefits of investing in Multilingual Customer Service to get the good number of customers across the globe and making the good profit, here:

Builds Loyalty And Trust

Common Sense Advisory Chief Strategy Officer and founder Don DePalma concluded that “There is a longstanding assumption that enough people on the web feel comfortable using English, especially when buying high-tech or expensive products.”

His research in 2006 showed that 72.4% of consumers examined were more likely to buy products in their regional language.

Their 2014, larger-scale behavioral study of consumers again validates this preference and, in fact, concludes this demand is increasing, with a full 75% of respondents saying they want the products in their native language.”

Customer prefers to communicate their inquiry or complaint in their native language to make the support staff understand their concern completely in their language with which they are 100% comfortable. Your response in their language will help them troubleshooting their issues completely.

When customers are forced to communicate in a language, they’re not comfortable with will make their overall customer service experience worst no matter how good your support staff is.

If your company is solving customer’s concern in an expert way then it will build brand loyalty and trust among your customers for sure, this will get you more referrals for your business.

Help You To Take Competitive Advantage

You have often noticed that by providing good customer service you can convince your customers. Even your customer prefers to buy an expensive product only from the company which provides reliable customer support based on their past experience with the sales rep or support staff of that company.

Providing support in multilanguage means making your business unique to take the competitive advantage of the market and connecting in cash the opportunity to connect different regional customers.

If you’re not following this as the urgent need of business means you are saying “NO” directly to the opportunities which you can grab by giving reliable customer service which is must and a key to rising in any business market.

Boosts Selling And Profit

Offering multilingual customer support means going beyond the limits to build the strong relationship with your customers and it also gives an extra benefit to your business to get more customers from the different region.

Giving reliable support is not the choice of your business it is your customer’s right to get. You don’t need to waste money on promotions or advertisement your customers will get referrals for your business and will work like the part of your company.

Geeting referrals from your satisfied customers are the great achievement for your business and it indicates the pure profit for your business which is boosting the sales also.

Increased Positive Feedback

For any e-commerce business, Positive Reviews and High Ratings works like achievements, we all know customers trust customers only so positive feedback and reviews build trust in the eyes of coming visitors to your websites

If there is fewer reviews or feedback then it will be highly difficult for your business to stay long in the market because you’ll not be able to get the good amount of visitors to convert them as your customer.

Everything is linked to the customer service, you could get the reviews and ratings only by delivering excellent product and services to your customers.

Giving support in multilanguage can open a new door for your business to get more review count in comparison to your competitors and it gives you an edge over the throat cut competition.

Start expanding your customer service now

UVdesk is multilingual e-commerce helpdesk which allows their users to manage all their customer’s query coming from different channels in one place. You can customize your UVdesk portal as per your customer’s preference to let them feel like their own support panel.

We all want to make UVdesk fit for every language so that business owner can reach out more and more customers to expand their business and making the higher profit.

As of now, UVdesk is available in English, French, Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Turkish, and Danish. If you need some other language then let us know we’re here to do that, please email us at support@uvdesk.com

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