What are the points that you need to consider before choosing a help desk software?

Updated 10 December 2021

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Helpdesk is a customer support platform serving customers with its productive and qualitative services. Any business ( online or offline) should have a standard help desk system for the better query management and quality support.

Selecting a Helpdesk Software is a vital thing. You have to prioritize the features you need in your Helpdesk and then test them for the better understanding.

Today, I will explain what all things you should keep in mind when you go out for the search of a Helpdesk System for your organization.

Fund Estimation- 

The fund is a really important factor for selecting any Helpdesk. Every individual wants maximum features without burning hole in their pocket. So, one has to select the features carefully as per the fund required for the Helpdesk and then proceed with it.

Be sure if you need any particular feature or not. Also, evaluate why that feature is necessary for your customer support and then only invest on that feature.

Ticket System-

The second most important thing is Email Piping and Ticketing System. You should select such a system where the support staff and the customer can revert to the tickets from their mail.

This will save the time of your support staff and the customer who can check and revert on a go. The ticket system should display all the major details in one view like name, agent assigned, a number of threads, time, priority, status.

You also get the traffic from the Social Media Pages, so should select such a Helpdesk System in which the comments, post of the customers on your Social Meia Pages gets converted into tickets.

In this way, you can keep a track on all the possible channels from where the queries come and you can provide timely respond to them.

FAQ Creation for the customers-

Always make sure that the customers always have a right insight by sharing knowledge in the form of How to and FAQ with them.

You should select a helpdesk where your support agents can add and organize solution articles as folders within the support portal so that your customers can quickly browse through them in their self-service portal.

Saved Replies or Canned Responses-

For the better performance of the agents, you can save agents time by creating some pre-formatted reply templates to common queries- Saved Replies that helps the agent to answer the question within a single click.

For the next time, any customer asks any query like “Is this material durable”, the agent can quickly pop out a saved response for that issue and provide an instant reply.

Also, with the File Sharing Ability , the support staff and the customer can either view the document directly or they can download the document into their local system and then they can view the document.

With the help of “Internal Note” feature, you can allow your support staff or the agent to update any specific or important data which will be displayed only to the support staff.

Thorough Check of Support Staff Responses-

It is important for you to keep a track of your agent’s ticket response and see the kind of service they offer to your customers.

Select such a helpdesk in which you can see agent’s response time, a number of customers helped ticket count, ratings are given by the customer for the support offered by the agent.


This is one factor which one should not neglect at all. You may need customer’s data for support purpose and it will be your responsibility to keep confidential your customer’s data on your Helpdesk system so that no one can hack them.

One common type of cyber attack is XSS attack ( Cross-Site Scripting Attack), it injects client-side scripts into web pages viewed by other users  ( Source ). You have to make sure that your selected Helpdesk is not vulnerable to cyber attack.


So, before selecting helpdesk, do read the above points which will help you in selecting a proper and efficient Helpdesk System for your Organization.

One such Helpdesk which fulfills all the requirements is UVdesk Helpdesk System. It also offers an additional wide range of features like Social Media Integration, Form Builder, eCommerce Integration.

I hope, you enjoyed this article. In case of any doubt about this feature, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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