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Updated 2 February 2022

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For any survey, feedback or gathering mass information we generally use Google Forms. They are easy to create and user-friendly.

By the help of Google Form, we gather the desired information, but managing the responses of about one million ( for example) users is not an easy job.

The person who creates Google Form gets the responses in their mail.

Now, it is a tough job to check the response/feedback of one million ( for example).

There are also chances of missing out any response which will be not good.

There is one solution to this tedious problem and that is UVdesk Helpdesk.

By the help of this help desk, you can create a mailbox  ( it allows e-mails sent to an e-mail address to be automatically imported to the support ticket system ) of your desired mail id and by the help of Form Builder App, you can create your own custom Feedback or survey form.

Now share your custom Feedback or survey form with your colleagues and each time there is a form submission, then a new ticket will be created in your UVdesk Dashboard automatically the agent ( assigned support staff ) can check all the responses and manage the work accordingly.

Please check the below image for the better understanding.


You can also set the workflow ( what will happen after the ticket is created in the helpdesk system) and set it either automatically or manually.

The admin can set the “series of actions” in the workflow and then it would work seamlessly.


You can also prepare the automated response which will be displayed to the users when they submit the form.

You can create a custom response for various actions from the UVdesk dashboard under “Email Templates”.

These automated responses will look authentic and your users will also get a notification that their feedback is going to help the system.

Imagine you submit a survey form regarding any Property basis and you have not got any response from the management end, then you will feel frustrated.

But, if you get a response and a ticket for your form submission then you can check the status and everything will be transparent.

In case you need to search any particular ticket on the basis of any “string” then you can search easily in the UVdesk system.

The agent ( support staff) can filter any ticket on the basis of  “Assigned to, Customer, Group, Team, Priority, Type, Tag, Mailbox, Source, after date, before or on a date“.

Like this, you can get that particular ticket and work on it.

By the filter option, none of your tickets will be out of your range and it will save a lot of your valuable time.

You can also classify support agents into the “Groups” which signify the designation of the UVdesk staff so that the incoming support requests are passed on to the technicians’ expertise.

By configuring groups, multiple support agents can be managed by classifying them into individual groups.

Admin organizes agents into groups so that he can keep an eye on the activities related to various departments without wasting much time in searching for agents work progress on a particular task.

The agent can also go to “Agents Reporting” where the admin can filter any agent and check their performance like First response time ( how fast the agent has replied to the customers), Resolve Time ( how much time does the agent take in resolving the issue of the customers ), Customer Helped ( the number of customers which the agent have helped and got their issue fixed).

The admin can also see the performance in the graphical form with various ticket status.

Under the “Kudos”, the admin can see the ratings of the customer.

They can easily find out the happy customers and unsatisfied customers with customer name, email address, and their ticket id so that the agent can follow up that customer.

With this section, none of your unsatisfied customers would be missed and there will be chances for greater conversion rate.

So, you can see you can your feedback system can help you in a better way with UVdesk Helpdesk.

I hope this blog was helpful to you. In case of any doubt, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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