Migration of data from other helpdesks to UVdesk

Updated 23 February 2022

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Data import is a vital feature of any system. It enables the user to import the data from any third-party application to their own application. In any helpdesk, data migration is considered one of the important features.

It allows the user to import the data ( like tickets, customers, agents, mailboxes, saved replies, etc ) from one helpdesk to another helpdesk so that the user can manage under one roof.

If the user has a huge number of data in any helpdesk and in any emergency situation, the user needs to switch to another Helpdesk System then the “Data Import” feature saves the say.

If the new helpdesk system allows the user to import data from the old helpdesk system then it will save valuable time for the customers and resources.

So, we can see how the Data Import feature is important for a helpdesk system.

In UVdesk Helpdesk System, we have implemented this awesome feature of Data Import by which you can import the data from multiple helpdesk systems seamlessly. Currently, you can import your existing data from osTicket, Freshdesk & Helpscout to your UVdesk Helpdesk System. Now let us explain one by one.

osTicket Data Import:

Here, you can import your existing data like tickets, groups, teams, ticket-types, agents, customers, saves-replies to your UVdesk Helpdesk System seamlessly. The user can import the data in two ways- Full Database Import & Individual Resources Import.

In Full Database Import, the user can import the complete data of the osTicket System like canned_response, department, Team, help_topic, staff, user, tickets into their UVdesk. The user would download the XML file of the osTicket System from the database and then upload it in UVdesk.


In Individual Resources Import, the user can import Tickets or Customer one by one. The user can export “Tickets” or “Users” from the osTicket Dashboard and then can either select “Tickets” or “Customers” and to import the customer data or ticket data separately.os ticket

Freshdesk Data Import :

The user can import your Groups, Users & Tickets from Freshdesk to UVdesk. The user would login into their Freshdesk account and then export the XML file from Account Section. They would receive their XML file in the mail.

The user will login to their UVdesk Account and can upload the zip file exported from the Freshdesk Account.  The user can see the progress of the import along with the data which are getting imported in the UVdesk. freshdesk

Helpscout Data Import:

The user can import data like Users, Customers, Mailboxes & Tickets from your Helpscout to UVdesk.  As Helpscout does not provide any zip or XML file for data import. We need API key which is needed for API request (to determine who is requesting data).

Furthermore, After generating the API key, the user needs to login into their UVdesk panel and paste the API key for the data import.

The user would see the tickets, mailboxes, customers, agents getting imported in your UVdesk Helpdesk System. If the customers, agents, mailboxes are already present in the UVdesk before the import then a message will display.

Moreover, In the case of tickets, new tickets are created in the UVdesk at the time of importing from Helpscout. If that ticket is already present in the UVdesk before. helpdesk

This is all about the Data Import feature of UVdesk Helpdesk System. I hope you liked this article and if you have any doubt then you can mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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