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Updated 20 September 2017

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eCommerce has made our lives easier and relaxing. One can easily sit back and enjoy shopping with few clicks on their smartphones, laptops, tabs.

In eCommerce Marketplace, many sellers register and sell their products in the Marketplace. Those sellers also have their own online store but to reach a maximum number of customers they start selling in Marketplaces.

Few examples of eCommerce Marketplace are Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart and much more.  Selling on multi-channels gets you more revenue and customers. You can check the link here & the statistics in the below image-

Image Source - Webretailer

Image Source – Webretailer

It is also important to retain your customers and for the progressing revenue, your old customers should visit your online store and Marketplace. You can check them here why it is important for your old customers to visit your online store again.

And, those customers can come back when they are happy and satisfied with the support they are happy and satisfied with the support they receive from your end or from your staff when they come with their query in the purchased products.

Challenges in providing support on multiple channels-

Now, let us take an example here. The seller is seller products on multiple channels and having one online store as well. There are many customers for his products and so are the doubts related to the products.

Now, that seller can assign support staff for various Channels with limited access to that the customers from each channel can get a proper response and support.

There are many loopholes in this method. Firstly, the seller cannot make a proper check on the support staff replies made to the customer.

Secondly, as there is no single point of contact, there will be confusion and it may be possible that for some queries of the customer, the support quality would not be proper.

Thirdly, the management of the replies would be tough and the seller would not make out the response time of the support staff. You can check here the challenges here of proving support on multi-channels

The possible Solutions for these challenges-

Isn’t it be good to have the customer queries from all the channels on one platform? Yes, this is possible now with the help of eCommerce App feature developed by UVdesk Helpdesk.

This helpdesk generates tickets of your customer’s query from the multiple channels in one platform. Now, the customer can raise the query from your one online store or from any Marketplace, a separate ticket will be created in the UVdesk for each channel.

All Under One Roof-

Don’t you want to know how UVdesk Helpdesk is one full proof solution for all the challenges? Please check all the points below for the better understanding-

Through Check of Support Staff Responses- 

Under “Agent Reporting”, the seller can check the replies made by the support staff for their customer’s query. They can check the response time of the agents.

The seller can select any date range and then see total “Resolve Time”, “Number of Customers Helped”, “Ticket Count” & “First Response Time”.  This type of check improves the support quality.

Saved Replies or Canned Responses- 

You can save agents time by creating some pre-formatted reply templates to common queries- Saved Replies that helps the agent to answer the question within a single click.

For the next time, any customer asks any query like “Is this material durable”, the agent can quickly pop out a saved response for that issue and provide an instant reply.

Assigning Task for custom work-

Let’s say if there is a request from the customer regarding custom color or any product. In this case, the agent can create a “Task” in that ticket thread and assign to the concerned team for the customer work.

“Task” feature provides the agents the facility to simultaneously work on the tickets which will improve their first response time and ultimately leads to customer happiness.

FAQ Creation for the customers- 

Sometimes, the same type of query related to discount, shipping or refund comes again and again. In that case, it is better to create FAQ for the same so that the customer can check those FAQ.

In the case of any doubt in FAQ, then can ask their doubt and then the ticket would get generated in the UVdesk.  The seller can create FAQs by the help of “Knowledgebase” feature.

Overall Dashboard-

The seller can see the overall ticket counts coming from the multiple channels here. The seller can view “Open Tickets”, “Pending Tickets”, “Answered Tickets”, “Resolved Tickets”, “Ratings”, “Task” details.


From the above reference, you can see how you can provide support to your millions of customer from multiple channels by the help of UVdesk Helpdesk.

The seller can invest their valuable time in product efficiency and the Customer Support part would be taken care by UVdesk Helpdesk System. It enables the seller to focus on the other important part.

I hope, you enjoyed this article about “eCommerce Marketplace Help Desk System”. In case of any doubt about this feature, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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