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Updated 24 March 2022

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Perfection in writing  knowledge base articles:

Do we are in the hustle of having a knowledge base? The answer is “of course” we are in a need to have it, it’s correspondent to oxygen for the organization.

It’s mandatory to have a knowledge base for any firm regardless of the nature and size of the business. A knowledgebase is a cardinal source that inculcates wisdom to both support agents as well as customers in perception to many topics.

You can’t go in the wrong direction while writing any article as it may misguide the user. An ideal article is the one to which a person can connect without a hitch.

It’s now a trend or we can say customers’ priority to search for answers online. Always make sure the content has to be scrupulous and give justice to the article’s title.

There are no set standards for writing a flawless article. The excellence in tech writing only comes with great practice and hard work as one wise man quoted the fact that- “there is no substitute for hard work”.

You try, failed, again tried hard. By following this philosophy we are consistently trying to reform our articles for the sake of customers.

Here are some of the ways which have truly worked for us:

  • Writing for the moderate customers.
  • Serving customers with variance in the mode of learning.
  • Tips to follow for writing an article.
  • To collect customer feedback.

Writing for the moderate customers:

We always kept in mind that we are not writing only for a single set of users who understood with little effort but there are average users too who requires more explanations.

It’s just a matter of grasping power which varies from a person to person. The solution articles are there to help you understand the functionality of the helpdesk. For example- what steps the users have to follow for the ticket creation, an article for that is present to guide you.

Serving customers with variance in the means of learning:

Some people find it easy to learn from the screenshots and videos while some find it pretty simple to gain from the gradational technique. So, different users learn through different modes.

If users have a comfort level in understanding through screenshots and videos that don’t mean you can plop them everywhere. Just use a minimal number of screenshots and videos only where there is necessity else no need.

Tips to follow for writing an article:

Before beginning writing an article, it’s necessary to understand what you are writing. Without understanding the topic to the fullest it becomes tough to explain every single step.

Analyze user’s dilemma, their common problems while writing any article try to imitate its step, find out in which step you get stopped if confusion is there in any particular step.

If you have an ample amount of tickets at your help desk, you can quickly go through the related ones and find out the queries of the users.

At the time of writing, now you have recognized the customer’s primary concerns so you have to actually write an article.

Always remember to use those words which can be easily understood by the users, never use hard vocabulary, be straight to the point, your titles and subtitles give a clear image to the users about what has been written within it.

After finishing the article, completion of writing doesn’t mean moving on to another task. When it gets published, the real work starts from updating to managing the articles.

To collect customer’s feedback:

Observe customers’ responses as they are your “critic”. After your article gets published, those critics have some comments over the article which you have written.

Closely have a look over those responses and check out if the articles are helping the customers and agents.

Did agents are applying those articles in their support answers and if there is any reduction in the number of queries about any feature?

The kudos moment in an article only comes as the time rolls down and you update it on the basis of the response you received from the customers and agents over a particular article.

Customers are the ones who are helping in brushing up your skills of writing through their valuable feedback so never ignore their comments and always try your best in writing articles.

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