Open Source Helpdesk Installation on CentOS – UVdesk

UVdesk Open Source is free fully-functional helpdesk software, designed on very famous framework which recongnize among all developer such as Symfony, a PHP framework.

In this Post, you will find a comprehensive guide for Open Source Helpdesk Installation process on CentOS – UVdesk.

Open Source Helpdesk Installation Process On CentOS

Prerequisites to install Open Source Helpdesk on CentOS

Hardware Requirement

  • Processor: 1.60GHz or higher
  • RAM: 3GB or higher

Software Requirement

Check Below Cases:

Before setting up your project check below things and make changes accordingly:

Case 1. A web server might don’t have permission to allow overriding of the Apache config on a per-directory basis In httpd.conf , Allow Override needs to be set to All for the directory block as mention below:

<Directory /home/users/var/www/htdocs>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All
Require all granted

Case 2. If your database password contains some special character(such as #$%@) then change your password and make it without special character.

Case 3. locate .env file in your project and make sure APP_ENV=dev when you are doing your setup.

Case 4. Allow read-write permission for your project by chmod 777

Case 5. And also check max execution time if it is 30 sec then increase it. Check here.

Restart your server.

Lastly, clear your project cache by:

php bin/console c:c


Also, check some references which comes while setup project: https://github.com/uvdesk/community-skeleton/issues/161

Once you’ll be done, follow below steps to install open Source helpdesk:

Steps To Install Open Source Helpdesk Ticketing System On CentOS:

Step 1:

Install the community-skeleton project via composer using the below-structured command:

Clear Cache:

composer clear-cache

Create Project:

composer create-project uvdesk/community-skeleton helpdesk-project


Download ZIP as per your System’s PHP version.

Step 2: 

Browse your installed helpdesk project for example – http://domain/installed_folder/public/

Public Folder Open Source Helpdesk on Ubuntu

Step 3: 

Set Up Helpdesk

UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk Installation welcome wizard

Step 4:

Evaluating System Requirement

UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk System Requirement

Step 5:

Database Configuration

UVdesk Open Source Database Configuration

Step 6:

Create Super Admin Account

UVdesk Open Source Super Admin Details

Step 7:

Website Configuration


UVdesk Open Source Website Configuration

Step 8:

Install Now


UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk Installation

Step 9:

Database Migration

UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk Database Migration

Step 10: 

The UVdesk Helpdesk Has Been Installed Fully

UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk Installation Complete

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