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Updated 23 February 2022

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Recruitment means hiring new people for work responsibility in any organization. Earlier, recruitment used to be done physically where candidates would submit their resume and the Human Department person would check their resume and filter them.

This is a lengthy process and it consumes a lot of time of the candidate and Human Department.  And, then online recruitment came with the evolution of the internet where it became easy for any candidate who is applying for any job.

Nowadays, candidates send their resume online to the HR Department and they get revert over the mail or on call if selected. This online method saves a lot of time but its management part is tough. You can also check the article “Problems faced by the Recruiters“.


Let me explain you with an example. Suppose you have an email id for jobs “jobs@example.com” where candidates send their resume and on a daily basis you get around 200-300 resumes.

Now, handling these emails at a time is quite painful and there are chances that you may miss any resume. Even if you have a huge department of HR, but if any of the HR staff is on leave then their emails would be in the pending stage with no reply sent.

And, missing any single resume means losing a right & suitable candidate and that will not be good for the organization.

For any successful company, two major points should be noted- make your clients happy by providing excellent support services and hire the best candidates for your company.

There is a Helpdesk Software which serves both – customer services and online recruitment and that is UVdesk Helpdesk.  In UVdesk, the query emails of your customers would get converted into tickets and your support staff can revert the tickets in the allotted time.

UVdesk Helpdesk is also beneficial in the Online Recruitment Process.  Let us explain how it is beneficial in the following points-

Ticket Creation & Resume preview-

Whenever the applicant sends their resume at a specified job email address ( like jobs@example.com). then automatically a ticket is created in the UVdesk and the concerned person can easily check that ticket.

There is a “File Viewer” feature by which the HR can preview the resume of the candidates directly without the need of downloading it. This feature saves a lot of time. They can preview the resume and revert on the ticket accordingly to the candidate.

In the UVdesk, the view of the “File Viewer” would be like the image below. With the help of “File Viewer“, you don’t need any other tool to see the attached file. You just have to click on “Open” and then the file would get opened. The dependency on other tools for viewing the attached documents is removed with the help of “File Viewer“.

Mobile Friendly –

The HR Dept staff can download the UVdesk Helpdesk with PWA ( Progressive Web Application) on their smartphone and check the tickets on a go. UVdesk with PWA consumes less space in your phone and allows the HR to check the applicants any time.

On the home screen you will get the icon of UVdesk and then you can access the applicants directly.

Dashboard and Analytics-

The HR Dept Staff can also check how many tickets or applicants’ emails are in the “Open”. “Pending”, “Resolved”, “Spam” state so that they would have the overall view. The Admin of the UVdesk can also track the performance of the HR Staff. and also check their response time for any time range.

Monitoring and Tracking –

The HR Staff can see a number of agents ( HR Staff handing the ticket of applicants). The number of tickets for any time range and can also monitor the channels through which applicant’s emails come from.


The HR Staff can also see “Fastest Response Time”, “Average Response Time”. “Fastest Ticket Resolve Time” and “Average Ticket Resolve Time” in the form of a doughnut chart.

You can check the plans of the UVdesk Helpdesk which it has to offer with a wide range of features below-

 So, we can see how UVdesk Helpdesk can be a best Online Recruitment Helpdesk Software and Customer Support Service Software. I hope, you enjoyed this article about “Online Recruitment Helpdesk Software”. In case of any doubt about this feature, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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