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Updated 23 March 2022

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One of the favorite pre-recorded one-liners of the customer support is that “They are more than happy to help us. Please hold the line as the agents are engaged in other calls”.

It’s quite a sarcastic moment and you start wondering that do we are that much important to them that they don’t have a single minute to attend to us.

Moreover, the long waiting time followed up with listening to the same recorded statement, again and again, left you totally crazy and realization of the hard truth that client is not more than a number to them.

When they received your call, their bureaucratic behavior, not so caring attitude will surely force you to think about the worthlessness of the customer support.

This complete incident will definitely end up in losing the client which is the biggest loss for any customer portal as they have lost their valuable client.

From the perspective of the customer, the agents hire to fulfill their duties by asking and solving the queries with sincerity but when they are not performing them well naturally they have to face the anger of the client.

The customer support should follow simple rules:

Make the customer feel like a VIP:

Every customer demands importance, they all want agents must focus on their queries.

In the entire conversation with the customers, the agents must be that much great in their forte that they get success in convincing the customer about resolving the problem in the fastest possible time.

Make them believe that they do care for the problems of the users.

Learn to say Please:

From our childhood, we are advised to say “Please” if we want something because saying please is a social skill that signifies respect amongst parties.

The same concept can apply to the agents while dealing with a customer who has lost trust in your support rep. The use of kind words can make all the difference.

The client who has decided not to ring a bell at your doorstep for the support will rethink again to give another chance only due to the kind words.

Quick solving of problems:

If the agents respond too quickly to the issues and don’t try to ignore them then they will win the hearts of the users.

It only depends on the loyalty towards the work. An agent has to believe in the fact that “never see customers as problems, see them as a part of the solution”.

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