Improve your CoreCommerce Customer Services using UVdesk

Updated 8 March 2022

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Managing customer support for a huge business is a tough job and CoreCommerce is one of the leading platforms which offers support and services in website services, payment services, and much more.

The huge number of customer queries increases the chances of bogus queries. If the support staff spends their valuable time in the bogus queries then it will divide their efficiency into parts and any genuine customer’s query may get delayed.

The most common queries come after the sale and Post Sale Support is vital for any successful business. And, one can provide supreme support after knowing if the customer is genuine or not.

We need a stable and authenticating tool by which the support staff can easily validate the order ID from the customer and update the same on the ticket raised by the customer.

This will help the support staff to see what was purchased by the customer and then other procedures can be done to solve the query of the customer.

How can UVdesk assist CoreCommerce to provide Customer Services?

UVdesk Helpdesk has come up with an eCommerce App called CoreCommerce App by which the agents can confirm the order details fetching from CoreCommerce Account on the ticket for the proper validation.

Moreover, This app will clear all the doubts related to the order number provided by the client and help the agent offer better support to the customer.

Why do you need CoreCommerce App Integration?

  • The integration of the CoreCommerce App is easy and takes less amount of time for the customer to integrate into their UVdesk Account.
  • Improve the efficiency of your support staff by displaying the order-related details on the ticket system.
  • It reduces the time spent by the support staff by fetching the order-related details on the ticket system only. No need to leave the ticket system to check the details.

How to integrate CoreCommerce App in your UVdesk Portal?

Installing and configuring CoreCommerce App in UVdesk is simple.

1. Got to the home page – App section and click on 50+ apps option.

2. Now search for Corecommerce and install it.

3. After installing the CoreCommerce, go to configure section and clienk on new channel to configure your Corecommerce.

4. For adding CoreCommerce channel, enter Name, Username, Store Name, Password, XML Key & Connection URL.


Now, in the UV desk, the support staff can enter the Order ID and select the CoreCommerce Channel Name from the drop-down then click on Fetch Order.

Furthermore, All the order-related details will display on the ticket to the agent.


I hope, you enjoyed this article. In case of any doubt about this feature, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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