Hotel Booking Help Desk System

Updated 10 May 2023

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Hotel Booking Help Desk System, deal with lots of emails during the holiday season.

As the customers need to inquire about the room tariff, special discounts, meal facility, nearby tourist spots, etc.

Deploying a help desk system facility in the hotel booking department is beneficial as it can handle all the booking-related queries of the clients efficiently and make the hassle-free work process for the staff.

How does it benefit the hotel industry?

Managing peak season:

The festivity and holiday season comes with little cheer for the business and loads of task for the hotel staff.

People started booking rooms online and there might be some technical issues that their booking remains unsuccessful.

They don’t even get notified for the same. Even the hotel staff is also unaware of the fact that the booking form is not working well.

So, communicating with the managers becomes a problem for the people.

The FormBuilder app in the UVdesk will help to get out of this situation.

As the owner of the hotel, you can then customize the contact us form, feedback, or any other hotel booking form by choosing the custom fields based on the requirement of the form.

You can manage to fetch the reviews from the clients without switching them to other pages with this app.

Instant replies and customer retention:

There has to be some strategy which has to be adopted by the owner so that the existing customers will persist for their lifetime and they prefer only your hotel when they thought of booking.

You can send them automated messages with a personal touch for the various discounts and offers.

You can add surrounding pics of the area to your portal for attracting the masses and this will help them to explore the other areas near your locality.

Customer loyalty and future promotion:

The help desk system maintains a complete database of the customers by the time they get registered with us.

We can send them the newsletter or push notifications on a weekly basis as a part of the promotion. We can give them discounts and offers on hotel booking so that they keep like to visit our hotel again and again.

Managing reviews and feedback:

If customers have any difficulty then they can freely submit the ticket.

The help desk system manages the queries very well and as the owner of the account of the service portal, you can check how the agents are responding to the tickets of the customers. You can keep a close watch on them with this functionality.


Running chains of hotels across the globe then there will be different staff of diverse language preferences. Some will have Spanish, Italian, or any other language as their mother tongue.

In that scenario, the automatic assigning of the tickets to the agent of that respective language can be done.

To keep an eye on their performance, the report feature will give you all the insights from their First response time to the number of customers they have helped.

We can also check the performance of the single agent assigned to a particular floor. By the ratings of the customers with the reporting analytics.

Moreover, The internal communication management facility in the form of Private notes helps to chat with the staff for discussing any improvement which needs to implement for the profit of the hotel.

Self-service portal:

Preparing the knowledgebase section for the sake of the customer’s convenience is one of the best practices to reduce the volume of incoming tickets. The solution articles can guide the customers as it contains How To’s for several procedures.


The hotel manager normally has to deal with several questions likewise the booking procedure. Its facilities in the room, charges, and availability of basic facilities.

Furthermore, It would be quite better if a complete knowledgebase section will be created which a customer can access easily. And get all the insights without the need to call the support center.

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