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This is the era of the Internet. 2 out of 5 individual is a merchant and selling their products online. Now, there are many perks of selling the products online – you have vast customer coverage and there are chances of great sales and revenue.  Now, in any website like eCommerce site, law firm site, educational site, etc there is feature known as “Contact Us” form which is used as a communication medium between the site owner and users.

Many users use Open Source Platforms ( like Magento, Opencart, Prestashop) or SAAS based like Shopify, BigCommerce, etc to create your eCommerce website. For the blogging site, mostly WordPress is used and Joomla is content management system (CMS) and used for publishing web content. Now, these sites ( eCommerce, Blogging, Educational sites, Law Firm Sites ) uses form application ( like Contact Us) for clearing the doubts of the users. Now, these platforms offer email integrated into the back-end by which the admin can manage the reply of the users.

The website owner can also link your “Contact Us” form with their Email id so that they can get the queries of the customer over their mail inbox. This seems simple ( replying to customer’s queries) but the management part is not as easy as it seems. Suppose you have a new basic website without any platform and you have a single form for example “Contact Us” form on your site. Now, you may get 500 – 1000 customer queries daily and it will be difficult for the site owner to reply 500 queries daily and there might be chances that he misses any query and if the customer doesn’t get any revert in stipulated time then chances are that customer will go away.

In case you hire people ( for example Associates) for replying the customer queries, then there might be the possibility that some of the associates do not reply properly to the customers and due to this nature, you might lose the sale and reputation.  Let us take another example, where you had some important data in the customer’s query.

Form Builder App to the Rescue- 

You can make use of Form Builder App which is safe and a new ticket is created when any users submit the form. In this way, a separate ticket would be created which will look standard and its management will be easy. You can reply to the queries via the ticket and the customer will get the reply on their email address only. If the customer has any other doubt, they can ask from the mail only and the query will get updated on the ticket system automatically. By the help of Form Builder App, you can create multiple forms for your website for different purposes like you can create one form for the feedback, another form for any other services as per the requirement.


If we talk about the long run, then Form Builder App is best for your website ( irrespective of any platform). You just have added any number of fields and create forms. After that Form Builder App will take care of everything. We will make sure that separate ticket is created for every submitted form with mail notification going to the site owner. You can easily see which queries are resolved or answered on the UVdesk. You can even see which customer queries are in the pending stage and which queries are closed by the “Agents” which the created the owner only.  The site owner can keep a check on the agent’s replies which are sent to the customers.  You can filter the tickets on the basis of Agents, Customers, Groups, Team, Priority. You can create “Tags” and assign important queries under that tag and later you can find that query easily by the help of the “Tag”.

The form provided by the Form Builder App by UVdesk is safe, secure and it follows the Standard Code Pattern. There would be no SQL Injection in your website and the data would be protected always. Form Builder app allows the user to merge the default labels and custom label together and create a new form as per the requirement. You can also create a new form for your website like Newsletter Form, Query Form, Feedback form by the help of Form Builder App by UVdesk. The user can embed the code easily into the HTML code of their website and then this app will work seamlessly. You can add as many labels in this Form Builder. When any user will enter data in the form then the ticket will be created on the UVDesk automatically.

Adding of custom labels does not require any technical knowledge. You can enter the name of your form first.Then you can add the number of fields in the form. You will immediately see the preview of the created form.  You can check installation of the Form Builder App here- https://support.uvdesk.com/en/blog/installation-of-form-builder  and you can add additional form – https://support.uvdesk.com/en/blog/creating-form

Advantages of Form Builder- 

Let us explain with one for example. Suppose you have a Law Firm and on a daily basis, you get around 1000 to 5000 queries from your customers. You have hired Managers for replying the queries but still, you cannot track their work over the mail or from the site back-end and the management would be an exhausting process. Now, by the help of Form Builder App, you can keep an eye on all the tickets created by the customer. You can examine the service of your managers towards your customers over the tickets. You can see how many tickets are in pending stage, resolved stage, closed stage, spam stage. You can question you Managers directly about the delay in replying or amount of tickets increasing in the Pending Stage.

The site owner can also see the Ratings and Reviews made by the customer for the services offered by your hired Managers from the UVdesk Achievements.  You can see the Ratings made by the customers, see customer name with the email address and ticket id and their ratings for that particular ticket in a list.

Let us take an example of an Educational website. In the admission and counseling session, students will have numerous queries and the management of the query would be a task. By the help of Form Builder App by UVdesk, you can create separate forms for multiple sections like one form for timing query, another form for courses selection, and much more. Now, for each query asked by the student, a new ticket would be created in the UVdesk and your agent can reply them separately. No query will be missed in this case. For the repetitive queries, your agent can make use of “Saved Replies” which will save the time of the agents.


Form Builder is favorable for the Start-ups as well. You can apply for the Basic Plans where you will have 4 agents for managing the queries of your customers. This plan is best suited for the newly formed companies and it is free of cost for the lifetime. As your business grows, you can switch the plan as per your requirement. You can check the pricing table below.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. In case of any doubt, please mail us at support@uvdesk.com

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