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Updated 4 March 2022

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The word “E-commerce” symbolizes the trading of products or services via. the computer network or social media networks.

Looking at the fast-paced business environment maintaining good relations with the clients becomes a bit complex.

When you are running a small or medium scale business, the thought which keeps on rolling in the mind is “retention” of the existing clients.

Engaging more customers by delivering them awesome support as providing exceptional service is a crucial part of the E-commerce industry.

As per the reports of Customer loyalty statistics, 26% of consumers mention the terms “trust” and “consistency” as an important element of brand loyalty.

Handling business online has many cons. One of the most common is piles of customer queries waiting for a response. The E-commerce help desk system is for sure the solution of it. Reason why?

  1. This type of support tool works very well. It handles the requests of the clients. The UVdesk is a great choice for the online business industry.

  2. The knowledge base for lending support to the users can be created on the basis of the FAQ and queries of the users. It’s imperative to have a user guide prepared in terms of the user’s perspective while running an online e-commerce site.

    For making the power search easy, you can create different categories and articles within the folders of the knowledge base section.

  3. It has an inbuilt task management facility that helps us:

  • To not miss out on the important leads.

  • To gather the information of the existing and the potential users for understanding their business requirements.

How UVdesk benefit the E-commerce industry?


Multichannel way of approaching:

The clients do reach out to us via different channels i.e. by filling contact forms for queries, feedback forms for their valuable suggestions, mailing, and even through phone support.

Every support request has to be taken care of by the agents and responded to in no time as the clients praise speed and efficiency.

The UVdesk facilitates this service due to its smart automation which assigns and prioritizes tickets based on their urgency.

The new addition to the list of the features:

Social media integration:

When you’re running a business online. It is very obvious that you are promoting the brand on social media. It is the best platform or you can say marketing strategy to give your product the identity.

But again your business doesn’t succeed until you are not able to give quality support to the users.

UVdesk has recently integrated Facebook App so that the visitors who wish to communicate with this medium may do it.

Their posts will be submitted in the form of tickets to the service portal and the customer-facing staff will respond from their only.

This hassle-free process helps to stay organized in terms of managing requests.

This is the best possible way to gather more traffic towards your site and for generating more revenue for your business by engaging more customers.


This Saas product has no deployment complexities. In terms of customer satisfaction, it’s a must to have this software for doing online business.

Customer happiness is the key nothing is more important than that and this tool guarantees to deliver seamless support to the users.

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